WooCommerce to PrestaShop Migration

WooCommerce to PrestaShop migration service quickly and securely

Do you want to migrate from WooCommerce to PrestaShop without fear?

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If you have a WooCommerce Online Store and you want to move it to PrestaShop to enjoy its advantages, we are your Ecommerce Agency for it.

It is possible that the migration of your WooCommerce Online Store to PrestaShop seems very complicated and you’re worried about losing web information or the positioning of your URLs. With us, you can be totally calm, we’ve been doing online store migrations for years, in a totally safe and successful way, without losing the positioning of your URLs or the information of your website.

With us you can migrate from WooCommerce to PrestaShop with maximum efficiency and without your business noticing it.

WooCommerce vs PrestaShop

Nowadays there are many options to have an Online Store. This may cause you some confusion and you’re still not sure which platform to choose, especially if you are hesitating between WooCommerce or PrestaShop. Therefore, we want you to know the main advantages that you will get with PrestaShop versus WooCommerce, so you can resolve your doubts. 

As you may know, PrestaShop is an open source online platform, not just a Wordpress plugin like WooCommerce. This makes the possibilities with PrestaShop broader and more complete.

PrestaShop has a more advanced control panel, however, it is intuitive and you won’t have any issue configuring what you need.

Unlike WooCommerce, with PrestaShop you have from minute zero functionalities that every online store needs, such as customer management. In addition, if you need advanced features, such as a Multi-Store or Multi-Language, you can get it in a much simpler, safer and more agile way.

PrestaShop has a lot of features as standard. To achieve the same with WooCommerce, you will have to install a lot of plugins and we already know what happens in WordPress with plugins. When you have many, no matter if you use a dedicated server, the store will be super slow. In PrestaShop that doesn’t happen, the number of modules installed doesn’t influence its performance and this is because of its remarkable and superior software architecture.

And of course, with PrestaShop you’ll get a pleasant store for your users, which is clearly focused on the user experience, something that with WooCommerce, is more difficult to achieve, since the designs of these stores are less focused on the shopping experience.

Why should I migrate from woocommerce to PrestaShop?

With PrestaShop you can enjoy a platform full of possibilities for your Online Store. You will have more than 3000 themes in the Addons Marketplace, as well as a large catalog of modules, some free and some paid.

PrestaShop is also in continuous growth, so you will enjoy improvements in each new version available, based on the information gathered from the needs of users. 

If you have several stores, PrestaShop provides you with a multi-store backoffice, where you can manage everything internally in a very simple way.

As for the performance of your Online Store, with PrestaShop you can enjoy a section dedicated to improving the performance, which is very important for the organic positioning of your Online Store. In WordPress you have to install several plugins to get a performance that in most cases doesn’t even come close to that of PrestaShop. 

In Innovadeluxe we are experts in PrestaShop, with years of experience behind us. With our team, the migration process will be totally safe and comfortable.

Your SEO positioning will not be modified

As experts in SEO for Ecommerce, we know that the organic positioning of your website is of vital importance. That’s why we want your WooCommerce store not to lose search engine rankings when migrating to PrestaShop.

In fact, we want you to know that it is possible that even the SEO positioning of your Online Store will improve. This is due to optimizations of some aspects, such as the creation of a robots.txt and a Sitemap focused on Google can get the information from your website. 

By contracting the migration from WooCommerce to PrestaShop with Innovadeluxe, you can be totally relaxed. The migration is complex, but we know how to do it, we have years of experience in it. In addition, your SEO positioning will not be lost, so you will not have to worry, the process will be very comfortable for you.

Move from WooCommerce to PrestaShop

Now that you know the advantages you will get with PrestaShop and that it will be a smooth and comfortable process, it’s time to take action and go to the next level by migrating your Online Store to PrestaShop.

With PrestaShop you can enjoy a CMS that is not only secure, but also works perfectly in all types of environments. 

In addition, PrestaShop is compatible with any POS or online payment gateway in general. You will have at your fingertips more than 500 features, more than 5000 modules in its marketplace and more than 3000 themes with which you can customize your Online Store.

We are PrestaShop Platinum Partners, with years of experience performing these migrations, and we have the best team of developers so you can start selling more.

How are we going to make your migration from WooCommerce to PrestaShop?

Request information

If you are looking for information to migrate your WooCommerce shop to PrestaShop, we can help you with this complex work, we have been doing complicated migrations for years. Tell us about your current project so we can prepare a proposal adapted to your needs.

We can migrate both simple WooCommerce shops and complex multi-language shops. Tell us how you have created the shop to identify possible problems in the migration.

Precios especiales


The cost of the migration will depend on the complexity of the work. It is not the same a shop without languages to multi-languages, explain us how you have created the shop, send us the list of plugins used.

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