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We have helped more than 5000 stores like yours to solve problems that made them lose sales. We’ve been offering the best paid certified professional support for Prestashop stores for more than 12 years, and we have a great team of professionals in possession of the Platinum Certification badge by Prestashop.

Our experience speaks for us, we’re able to solve problems that most programmers don’t know about. We’re your best option, what are you waiting for?

PrestaShop Standard Paid Support

For any specific incident that happens in your store or for any kind of doubts you may have, you can count on us to work by the hour. You can also hire an hourly bonus or PrestaShop support plans for us to work on the layout of your template or configurations in your online store. You can hire hourly bonuses for almost any work you need in your PrestaShop. We have different PrestaShop support packs and plans with different amounts of hours to suit the work you need to have done.

Talk to us, explain to us what you need to fix or do in your PrestaShop store and we’ll tell you the number of hours you need to hire so your store is perfect.

Contact us and we’ll advise you before hiring your PrestaShop support.

Why do we offer our PrestaShop support?

Because we want to help you sell more, have an online store that works perfectly and work less hours thanks to having everything well optimized, so you can spend your time working on other things.

How are we going to help you?

By solving all the problems your store has and recommending tools to help you grow. We’ve already helped thousands of merchants like you to achieve their dream of making a living from online sales. All thanks to having their stores well optimized to sell much more and better.

Who will help you?

A team of highly qualified technicians and programmers, level 2 and 3 technicians, all of them Platinum certified by PrestaShop.

What do we offer?

The best professional technical support for Prestashop stores. Our team is able to solve any issue you may have in your store.

How do we work with PrestaShop Standard Support?

1. You write us via ticket (email) through our support system what you need to be done in your store and provide us with the access data. We do not answer by phone to any technical issues, to avoid any kind of misunderstandings, since what technicians must do isn’t written down.

2. The work is added to our task planning and usually after two or three days, a technician will be able to do it, even sooner, if possible. Each intervention of a technician will be charged at least 15 minutes of your pack of hours.

3. Each work/intervention of a technician is registered in the client area so that you can consult what was done and when. You’ll be able to see which task has been performed and the time spent on each one, as well as the time you still have available from the hours bonus you have previously contracted.

4. The working hours of the technicians are from 7:00 to 15:00 from Monday to Friday. Outside these hours, standard support is not performed unless previously agreed upon.

Soporte urgente PrestaShop

Urgent PrestaShop Paid Support

Do you need us to do an urgent job? Your store has stopped selling because something happened to it and you’re losing ALL your orders? Hire urgent support for critical situations and we’ll solve it quickly.

The technician or technicians assigned to your job will stop working on what they’re doing and will focus on your problem to fix it with an immediate solution.

There are jobs that require urgent support and others that don’t. We’ll evaluate your request and let you know if it’s necessary to hire hourly support for critical situations. Not all the jobs that you want to be done that way will be done with urgency, if we consider that it’s not urgent. You have to understand that urgent hours delay the rest of the work, so we only offer this service for real emergencies.

Check the availability of our technicians before hiring urgent support.

Why hire our PrestaShop urgent support?

Because we can help you with all the most critical incidents in your store. If you’re facing an emergency situation in which your store can’t sell, we’ll help you solve it. Don’t lose sales, we want to take care of your peace of mind so that your online business works.

How can we help you?

In emergency situations, our technical support team is always available to help merchants like you with the most serious problems. We’ve helped hundreds of merchants in absolute stress with their e-commerce, putting ourselves in your shoes and solving your problems urgently and quickly. And if we think that something is not urgent, we’ll advise you to hire standard PrestaShop support.

Who are you hiring to help you in an emergency situation?

Support technicians trained in stressful situations to be able to solve any issue quickly, as well as highly qualified Level 3 technicians with Prestashop Platinum certification.

What kind of PrestaShop support will you hire?

The one to solve your problems and to recover your store sales almost immediately, thanks to a top level technician (Level 3). Our support technicians can solve any type of incident, even the oddest ones.

There can be several situations in which you need the help of a team of PrestaShop support professionals, for example you may have tried to make some modifications to your online store yourself and they’ve not gone as expected. Or if you’ve had problems updating your store and now certain things don’t work properly. Maybe you’ve given the job to someone else and let’s say that it hasn’t been solved or gone as you expected.

In all these situations, you’ll need help. But don’t worry, we can help you when you need it, we can solve any problem of your online store. Don’t waste more time tangled with issues that are too hard for your knowledge or hiring inexperienced people. Trust real professionals with many years of experience working with PrestaShop.

We’ve helped fix their issues to more than 5000 stores, and we have more than 500 customers to whom we offer an ongoing PrestaShop support service. All of them satisfied customers who can endorse our work.

Request information

If you need help with your online shop to solve a problem, explain what is happening with your shop to one of our PrestaShop consultants and they will offer you a solution adapted to your problem. You will have to contract a support hours voucher and a PrestaShop specialised technician will solve the incident.

The more details you provide about the problem, the better we can focus the proposal for the number of hours needed to correct the problem.

Precios especiales


We have been helping merchants to solve PrestaShop related problems for many years. You have available packs of hours from 1 to 100 hours at prices adjusted according to the volume of hours.

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