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Is your shop slow? If you don’t know why, you are probably losing sales, as Google penalises the positioning of slow websites. If you want to know the reasons and how to solve them, you need to do a thorough review to solve all the WPO problems of your PrestaShop online shop. At Innovadeluxe we have been optimising the performance of hundreds of shops for years. We know what to look for, where and how to fix it to achieve optimal performance of your PrestaShop shop.

What will we do to improve the loading times of your PrestaShop?

Optimizacion Tienda Prestashop Store Optimization

Store Optimization

We make a complete analysis of your store to check that everything is correctly configured and we modify all the necessary configurations to make it optimal.

Optimización Del Servidor Prestashop Server Optimization

Server optimization

We make the necessary checks to know the caches that your server is using and how it does it, as well as to see if the allocated resources are enough for a correct performance of the store.

Optimización Código Para Prestashop Code Optimization

Code Optimization

We review and optimize the store’s code to pass Google’s tests among others, so that the store is in excellent conditions for a high quality positioning in search engines.

We optimize your PrestaShop loading times

If your online store is very slow and you are losing sales and search engine rankings, it is time to do an overhaul of both your store and the server where you have it hosted. This task can only be done by specialized technicians. Our PrestaShop experts will optimize your online store to reduce loading times as much as possible.

The optimization of loading times will influence the behavior of users on your website, making the dwell time longer and consequently reducing the bounce rate significantly.

In turn, that your online business has an optimal performance is one of the points most valued by Google to position websites in their search results. The time Google uses to crawl your website is limited, making an optimal loading speed essential for it to crawl as many URLs as possible.

auditoría wpo

WPO audit, a complete report on your PrestaShop performance

At Innovadeluxe we will perform a global study of the project to check that everything is configured correctly. If not, we will implement the necessary configurations on your website to optimize loading times correctly. 

Once the project has been analyzed globally, we will go into specific factors, such as the internal code of the website, key for organic positioning in search engines. As well as the study and optimization of the resources allocated to the server, to maximize the performance of your online business.

Once all the factors to improve have been identified, the only thing left to do is to carry out the improvements to achieve the objectives set for your project. Thanks to the high knowledge we have as an agency specialising in PrestaShop and almost 15 years of experience optimising the loading times of hundreds of online shops, we have ensured the success of our work. 

What are you waiting for to maximize the performance of your online store? Leave it in our hands.

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Is your shop slow, are you having problems ranking on Google because of performance? Don’t worry, you are in the right place. Fill in the form and explain us your case with as many details as possible and a business consultant will propose you the right services to solve your problem.

Our technical team is specialised in PrestaShop. We have been working with this e-commerce application for 15 years.

How Much Does Integration Cost


The investment to be made to solve the WPO of your shop, will depend on the state of the shop. Each project is different and unique. There is no set budget. First we audit and then through hours of work we solve the problems.

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