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What do we do in IDX?

We are a digital agency specialising in e-commerce. We create high-performance e-commerce with the best technologies currently available, both Open Source and SaaS, with the necessary design and custom development for medium and large companies in Spain, Portugal and LATAM.

As a Digital Marketing consultancy we apply strategies and techniques, so that our clients’ projects sell in the short, medium and long term, through our own work methodology, so that they are profitable with a sustainable strategy over time, so that they are successful.

Discover our IDX methodology

Thanks to our own working methodology, developed and perfected over more than 15 years, designed to make businesses grow in the short, medium and long term, we ensure that our clients’ projects are not only profitable, but also reach the top positions in their sectors.

We have an internal team in each area of the process of creating your online shop and its subsequent Digital Marketing. We do not outsource any work to third party companies. Everything is done with IDX’s internal human resources, which allows us to have total control over all processes.

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Specialists in the creation of ecommerce with the best technologies






For more than 15 years we have been creating B2B shops for companies that sell their products to other shops and professionals.

We have created all kinds of functionalities for this type of business. Some are available to buy for PrestaShop as add-on modules and others have been customisations created for clients with very specific needs.

We can help you build your digital B2B business with either PrestaShop or Shopify Plus with its B2B specific versions.





With our B2B Digital Marketing services, we help you reduce your dependency on a large sales team.

We help you attract customers more easily, reducing the need to expand the number of sales staff to keep your business growing.

You will be able to reach places and customers that your sales team could not reach. You can even achieve internationalisation without the need to create sales teams in other countries.

Customers who have trusted us to help them with their online shops

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For more than 10 years we have been optimising online shop projects so that they rank in the top results of search engines.

Thanks to more than 15 years of technical expertise in helping all types of e-commerce businesses, we have acquired an experience far beyond that of other agencies.

In addition to an exceptional technical team, we also have a team of top-notch strategy consultants who will create the most appropriate strategy for your project.

We will help you to make your project profitable and to achieve all the goals you set yourself.





We have been helping many SEO agencies for many years with the most complex technical optimisations to help their clients’ projects to rank.

Many SEO agencies only have consultants who specialise in strategy. Such strategies cannot work without a specialised SEO technician to help them implement the more complex changes, such as Core Web Vitals Optimisation (WPO).

At IDX we combine both profiles, we have consultants specialised in strategy and technical programmers specialised in SEO. In addition, we help other agencies to offer an exceptional service like ours.

Digital ecosystem companies we collaborate with

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We have been creating modules for PrestaShop for years, we have a catalogue of more than 100 modules available for sale. In addition, we have created many functionalities 100% customised for clients who needed very specific things for their business.

Since less time, we are creating custom integrations with third parties for Shopify, as well as using all the premium features of Shopify Plus.

We are able to create any project you need, however complex it may be. We master the tools and adapt them to your needs.

In addition, we offer the most efficient professional support in the industry. We solve what other agencies cannot.



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As with technical SEO, with custom development and support we also help dozens of agencies that only implement projects, but do not have the technical expertise to do custom development or to solve complex problems when shops stop working or there are incompatibilities.

Due to our specialisation in ecommerce and the fact that we have developed more than 300 modules and custom integrations, we have come across all kinds of problems and incompatibilities and we have learned to solve everything that comes into our hands.

Although it is wrong to say it, we have a spectacular technical team.

What do our customers think?

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How can an Ecommerce Agency help me?

When creating or growing your online business, it is important that you have the support of an ecommerce agency. Because making an online shop work is a task that requires time and dedication.

A fundamental help from an ecommerce agency of PrestaShop or Shopify experts like ours, is that we will take care of the development of your online shop and show you how you can manage it. You will get a safe and simple shop, thanks to its optimal design, which will offer the best possible performance and will be impeccable and professional, having been made by an ecommerce marketing agency.

Thanks to our help and services, your online business will run smoothly, as we take care of any problems that may arise. As an ecommerce agency, we can already foresee practically everything that can happen, thanks to our years of experience.

All you have to do is tell us what you need and we will help you throughout the implementation of the project. From our ecommerce digital marketing agency, we help you to create your digital business, with a customised PrestaShop or Shopify development or making the most of the wide range of templates that we can recommend, according to your needs and objectives.

Thanks to the technical team of our ecommerce web agency, you are guaranteed that at the end of the process, everything will be correct and your shop will work properly. Whether it’s a new launch, an upgrade or a migration, we have extensive experience in all of them.

That is to say, from our ecommerce agency you have at your disposal everything you need for that online business that you have put so much enthusiasm, desire and effort into, to succeed.

In addition, you will have continuous and personalised support. Not only during the development of your shop, but also later in its maintenance so that it always works optimally. For this it is essential to have a team of PrestaShop or Shopify specialists from an e-commerce agency to guide you or immediately solve any problem that may arise in your online shop. We do this through our ticket service, providing personalised attention for any type of incident.

As you can see, by having an ecommerce agency by your side, you will gain time and peace of mind.

What solutions does Innovadeluxe offer me as an E-commerce Agency?

As an ecommerce agency Madrid, there are many solutions that we offer you. Whether you are in Madrid or not. Here are just a few of them.

Online marketing

The success of a shop does not depend only on how well it is developed, but it must be accompanied by marketing strategies, such as SEO, SEM, social networks, email… If you are not applying any of them, we can also help you.

Hosting for your online shop

The right hosting for the needs of your shop is extremely important. As an ecommerce agency we know this, that’s why we offer you different web server solutions to host your online business or PrestaShop shop.

Module development for PrestaShop and APPs for Shopify

An online shop needs to have certain functionalities to improve its performance and to achieve this, modules or APPs are integrated. From our e-commerce agency Innovadeluxe we help you in their integration, whether they are modules that we put at your disposal or third party modules that you need to install, the same with APPs for Shopify. But we also take care of the development of custom modules for your PrestaShop shop. Just tell us what you need and can’t find, and we will develop it for you.

Backup copies for PrestaShop

Many things can happen when updating a shop, implementing new functionalities… Or, on the contrary, removing them. Even malicious attacks can occur. That is why it is necessary to make a backup of your shop from time to time and/or always before making changes. In this way, all the information can be recovered.

Software updates for your shop

Whether it is the core of the shop or the modules you have installed in it, everything must always be up to date. This is of utmost importance when it comes to obtaining optimum performance and having a secure shop. Our ecommerce agency will not let your online shop become obsolete and vulnerable.

Web migrations

We are specialists in PrestaShop and Shopify, we can migrate your online shop from any other platform or CMS. We follow a strict protocol on the steps to be taken to minimise any possible impact, which we have been perfecting through years of experience. You will be in good hands.

How much budget do I need to allocate to a PrestaShop or Shopify Ecommerce Agency?

This will depend a lot on your needs. The services of an ecommerce agency are not the same if you have to create everything from scratch, with our PrestaShop or Shopify developers, than if it is an upgrade, a migration, if you need modules or APPs to improve your shop…

At Innovadeluxe we will evaluate your project and give you a personalised estimate of everything you need. And we will advise you on what is the most important or priority, in case it is not possible to invest the total budget at the moment.

But always keep in mind that the more you invest in your shop, the more return you will get. As experts in PrestaShop and Shopify, and ecommerce agency Madrid, we have seen many clients go through our agency, and we assure you that investment is essential to improve. And therefore, generate more revenue with more sales.

When will I be able to see results with my project?

We will never mislead you, and that starts with answering this question honestly: we can’t just give you a timeframe. It depends on many things: the amount of work that needs to be done in your shop, your objectives, the competition in your sector, the strategies you have developed in other marketing areas, such as social networks, email, SEO, SEM…

One thing you have to understand is that having an ecommerce is not just having a shop. That’s why we can’t tell you when you will see results, because it depends not only on your ecommerce but also on your competition and the investment you make.

What we can tell you is that at Innovadeluxe, we always look for the best solutions for our clients. We will think about the design, performance and usability of your online shop from the first moment you leave the project in our hands. We will solve your doubts, we will always work at your side in the most efficient way, so that your shop fits perfectly into a digital strategy that will take you to the top. We have a great team of experts who will be 100% involved in your project.

Contact us, tell us what your business is about and how you would like us to help you.

We will make a complete feasibility study of the project and you will have free personalised advice so that your project starts correctly and you will soon achieve your objectives.

Where and at what times you can reach us:


Calle de la Princesa 31, Plata 2, Puerta 2.
28008 Madrid, Spain

Torrejón de Ardoz

Avenida Cristóbal Colón 10, Planta 1.
28850 Madrid, Spain

Opening hours: Monday to Friday 7:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. (mainland Spain)

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