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Are you still not protecting your customers’ information in your online store?
In addition to protecting your customers’ data, you should have an SSL in your store because Google is ranking all the websites that have it. All modern browsers already show a warning of an unsecured page for websites that do not use the HTTPS protocol.

As soon as we install the certificate for your domain, you will see a padlock in your browser, which indicates that the information transferred between the visitor and the website is protected.

What is an SSL certificate?

The SSL certificate stands for Secure Socket Layer, and indicates to users that your PrestaShop store is a trusted site. This is because SSL encrypts the transmission of data sent between the server and the web user. It is similar to what banks do, so imagine how important it is.

What type of SSL can I activate?

There are three types of SSL that can be enabled for your online store. The Wildcard Certificate is perfect if you need to securely encrypt not only a main domain, but also its corresponding subdomains. With a RapidSSL you can get your certificate at any time of the day, as it is a very fast automated validation process. As they are a subsidiary of GeoTrust, it has a very good quality/price ratio. And finally, there are Geotrust SSL certificates, which offer the widest range: domain verification, enterprise verification, extended verification…

Which SSL certificate should I choose?

It will depend on several factors, such as the size of your online store, if it is for a single domain, a multistore… Or if you want extended validation, which are those that activate the green bar in high security web browsers. Needless to say that being the most visible, it is the one that will generate more confidence. So depending on the nature of the products you sell in your store, it may be the one that suits you best.

Reasons to activate SSL certificate

It’s not just to protect the obvious, such as online credit card transactions. By enabling SSL you also protect email access, for example, or access and activity on the back end of your store.

When you enable SSL on your online store, depending on the type of SSL you have purchased, you can request a static or dynamic seal, which users will see and show them the type of security your store has. This way you are increasing the confidence of your potential customers when entering personal and financial data.

In addition, if you have registration forms, you will be collecting sensitive user data. According to the Data Protection Act and the LSSI, it is your direct responsibility to ensure that all the data you are storing is not lost or gets into the wrong hands. So protecting them is essential.

And last but not least, Google and other search engines have a preference for stores that use SSL for their communications. So you are even scoring points for better positioning.

Types of SSL certificates you can buy

Rapidssl Standard

RapidSSL Standard

Ideal for stores starting out, because it is the cheapest, fastest and easiest certificate to install, as no pre-checks are required. It will work on most current browsers and smartphones, and offers standard 256-bit encryption.

Quickssl Premium

QuickSSL Premium

It also does not require prior checks. It has a medium registration priority and has a warranty extension and dynamic seal on the website. Its strong 256-bit encryption does not require any additional documentation to obtain the certificate.

True Businessid

True BusinessID

Uno de los mejores certificados SSL con validación de empresa. Cifra las comunicaciones con 256-bit y te proporciona el Sello Dinámico de GeoTrust. Es necesario aportar documentación de empresa, por lo que tarda entre 1-2 días hábiles en generarse.

Rapidssl Wildcard

RapidSSL Wildcard

This certificate One of the most popular certificates to date, with up to 256-bit encryption for all subdomains of your domain. And at an unbeatable price as a subsidiary of GeoTrust.

Quickssl Premium Wildcard

QuickSSL Premium Wildcard

Certificate with high registration priority. With warranty extension and dynamic seal on the website. Affordably priced and flexible for an unlimited number of sites on a single server, including subdomains. Powerful 256-bit encryption.

True Businessid Wildcard

True BusinessID Wildcard

A 256-bit SSL certificate for communications between all subdomains of your store and their visitors, sensitive data of your employees and suppliers. Company documentation is required, so it takes 1-2 business days to generate.

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