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Want to upgrade to the latest version of PrestaShop?

At IDX, we upgrade to PrestaShop 8 from older versions. You’ll get more speed, security, and a game-changing user experience.
Get more features and customisation options!

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If you’re here, it’s because PrestaShop is your favourite web content management system and essential in your day-to-day life. That’s why you want to have it fully updated, but without losing data.

Each version of PrestaShop, offers you a lot of changes that make your online shop better. In this version, you will get an optimal website and more customisation in the backoffice.

Our agency will manage the change you need with the guarantee of having exactly the same data after the update to the new version. We offer security and quality in our service thanks to our years of experience.

We take care of upgrading your PrestaShop to the latest version. We assure you that no data of your products, customers or orders will be lost in the process. You will have your shop updated with all the guarantees.

Hundreds of PrestaShop updates are our guarantee.

What are we talking about when upgrading to PrestaShop 8?

When we talk about upgrading an ecommerce to the latest version of PrestaShop, we are really talking about creating a new shop and migrating all the data from the old shop.

A few years ago, shops were upgraded using the 1Click Upgrade module, but the work process was very problematic, there were many problems that had to be solved on the fly and the shops had to be closed for days, sometimes more than a week.

In addition, after the work was finished, there were bugs in the shop, which were difficult to solve and came from the update. For example, database errors, which were quite complex to localise and even more so to solve.

For this reason, we have not been updating shops for several years now. What we do is install a new empty shop with the latest version of PrestaShop to which you want to upgrade the shop, copy all the shop settings, install all the modules and template and copy the settings and finally migrate the catalogue, order and customer data.

For this reason, you will see that sometimes we talk about upgrading and sometimes we talk about migrating to the latest version.

What will you get with your PrestaShop upgrade?

mayor seguridad

Increased security

Each updated version of PrestaShop includes improvements and new features that the community has been demanding. These improvements are focused on increasing security in ecommerce, improving performance for better loading speed or improving the usability of both the backoffice and the official template for the front office. They work every day to make your application a robust and secure software.

mejor gestión

Better performance and management

The latest version of PrestaShop is based on the migration of a web development written from scratch in PHP to the Symfony framework. This implementation means leaving behind the heavy workload of creating code from scratch, so that better performance is guaranteed in the application. Ensuring improved performance. Thanks to this, you will reduce time in each of the tasks you perform and improve the management of your company.

tiendas online amigables para seo

More SEO friendly

Without upgrading PrestaShop 1.7 to the latest version of PrestaShop, it is impossible for SEO to work as it should. Upgrading to PrestaShop 8 will bring you benefits in terms of SEO optimisation for your ecommerce. You will benefit from a wide range of responsive templates. These templates are better and better designed to meet SEO standards. In addition to incorporating improvements in the modules with new features that help the SEO optimisation of your shop.

Advantages of upgrading PrestaShop to the latest version

Having your shop updated to the latest stable version is important so that both the user experience and the internal management of the shop are carried out in the best possible way thanks to the functionalities of the latest version.

From a management point of view, the back office tends to offer more and more possibilities and functionalities, while at the same time it is becoming simpler, more intuitive and faster to use. This makes everyday tasks such as entering or modifying products more fluid.

As for the programming language, the possibilities of customisation that the new templates offer are greater, making the adaptation to each web project can be done optimally and with greater durability over time in the latest version of PrestaShop.

Last but not least, the latest versions offer improved and simplified purchasing processes with the latest security features. Which is very necessary in online commerce.

Do you want to have the latest PrestaShop version? We manage the change.

What are the other benefits of upgrading to PrestaShop 8?

mejora de funcionalidades

New features or improvements

With each PrestaShop update, new features are added to reduce the time you spend on each task, or existing features are improved to make them more efficient. PrestaShop is opting for simplicity and ease when it comes to making any movement in the backoffice of your online business. Upgrade to PrestaShop latest version, you will have all the improvements.

personalizacion ps

Personalisation of your shop

Upgrading PrestaShop from older versions is the best idea to get more customisation, as the new templates are much more powerful. In addition, you will have a collection of modules created for the latest version of PrestaShop, which are much more customisable than in previous versions. Leave everything in our hands, we will leave it as you need.

mejora user experience

Best UX

If you are one of those who prefer to use the default PrestaShop design template, you are in luck. In this latest version of PrestaShop, its developers have done a lot to improve certain factors that directly affect the user experience. Fundamental nowadays for Google and to achieve sales. But they have not forgotten about the backoffice, they have also improved it.

Why do you need to upgrade to PrestaShop 8?

Surely you have noticed that there are functionalities or tasks that you would like to perform in a more simplified way that are currently quite tedious. You may even have seen that your competitors have new features that enhance their online shops.

This is because PrestaShop is improving all the time, and having the latest version of PrestaShop is essential to keep growing and making your online business go from strength to strength. Currently, these types of applications are opting for simplicity to improve.

At IDX Innovadeluxe, we guarantee you a 100% new shop, fully updated to PrestaShop 8 and without losing any data. After updating PrestaShop, you will have a renewed shop with new features and impeccable design to continue increasing your sales.

Upgrading to PrestaShop 8 is the best option to have the code of your website absolutely clean and organised so that everything works correctly, without errors or bugs.

Frequently asked questions

What does Innovadeluxe do and what does it not do in the upgrade process?

What we do:

  • Upgrade the client’s ecommerce to the latest version available or as requested.
  • We install a new shop with the latest version of PrestaShop.
  • We install the template and modules provided by the customer or purchased from Innovadeluxe.
  • We copy the settings of the template, modules and old PrestaShop.
  • We migrate all the data from the old shop (Customers, Catalogue and Orders).

What we do NOT do:

  • We do not make the template compatible if it is no longer compatible or if it is not possible to update the PrestaShop theme, which is most likely. The client will have to provide the template in a version compatible with the latest version of PrestaShop. If it is not provided, then the default PrestaShop template of the updated version is left installed.
  • We do not support modules that are no longer compatible, it is up to the customer to purchase the updated versions of these modules and send them to us for updates. If not sent to us, only the official PrestaShop modules are left installed.

Any of the previous points, if they are covered by Innovadeluxe, are budgeted separately. By default they are not included in the base price to update your shop.

What do we ask customers to do before upgrading PrestaShop?

Shop backup

Make a FULL backup or a backup from your hosting of the shop and the database. There must always be the possibility to revert back to a stable version, and this is the responsibility of the customer, not Innovadeluxe. A backup will always be requested in advance.

If the customer does not make a backup and then there are problems during the upgrade process, we are not responsible, it will be the customer’s problem not to have generated or requested the backup from his hosting provider of the shop and the database. For example, with the images (because they have been lost during the regeneration). If the backup has to be done by Innovadeluxe, it will have to be contracted.

Available disk space

The customer’s hosting must have enough space available to have two shops installed for the duration of the work. Otherwise, the client will have to contract a temporary hosting with Innovadeluxe so that we can do the work and then move the new shop to the client’s server.

Several active PHP versions

If the work is done entirely on the customer’s server, your hosting must allow multiple versions of PHP to be active on the server at the same time. Each version of PrestaShop requires a different PHP version. For example, PrestaShop 1.6 requires PHP 5.6, PrestaShop 1.7 requires PHP 7.4 and PrestaShop 8 requires PHP 8.1. During the work you will need to have the PHP version of the old shop and the PHP version of the new shop active.

In case the client’s server does not have this possibility available, the client will have to contract a temporary hosting with Innovadeluxe where the work will be done. Once finished, the old shop will be removed from the client’s server and the new shop will be placed, previously changing the PHP version of the server.

The change of the PHP version on the server is the responsibility of the hosting contracted by the client. It is not a work that Innovadeluxe has to do, it is not included in the budget we offer to do the work.

When will the PrestaShop update be ready?

Please note that projects where PrestaShop shops need to be upgraded are only done during our working hours from 7:00 to 15:00.

You don’t need to worry about the time it takes, because during the whole time it takes us to do the work, your current shop will still be open. Only in the final process of the work, your shop will be under maintenance and this process will last only a few hours.

We usually work on several projects at the same time, so the time from start to finish is usually between 2 weeks and a month. Depending on the workload we have at the time you contract your project.

It will also depend on the fluency with which you send us the information and the speed with which you answer the emails we send you with doubts.

Keep in mind that we can’t stand around waiting for a response, so we’ll get on with other work while you answer us and solve the doubts or send us the information. Once you do so, we will resume your work as soon as possible, but it will not be immediately, as we are working on another project at that moment.

Why choose IDX for your PrestaShop 8 upgrade?

It is true that to upgrade to PrestaShop 8 you can hire any person, agency or even do it yourself. But the consequences of opting for this option are very big if the person hired or you yourself do not know how to do this job correctly. Consequences such as breaking the code of the website or losing important data.

That is why, at IDX Innovadeluxe, we guarantee 100% that there will not be any failure in the update of your shop to update PrestaShop. All your data will be better than they were before, that is, you will have a complete new shop, with a totally clean code.

We migrate the catalogue, orders, customers, all the URLs you have. And if that wasn’t enough, you will have in your new PrestaShop 8 the same configurations and modules that you had in the previous version.

In addition, we can leave the design of the shop exactly the same as you had in your old shop, or you can take the opportunity to have one of our creative designers, make you a new design. A redesign of your shop more modern, functional and with better UX, putting all the focus on usability and conversion of visits into customers and orders.

IDX is the ideal choice for this type of project, we are fully specialised, every year we make dozens of PrestaShop updates.

What are the advantages of upgrading PrestaShop?

As we have been talking about before, the advantages of upgrading to PrestaShop 8 are many. This version is coming on strong and if you don’t want to fall behind the competition, you have to upgrade your online shop to the latest version of PrestaShop.

Apart from the benefits mentioned above, you will make use of the latest version of PHP supported, so you will gain more loading speed (a key factor for Google) and you will see that the security of your online shop will increase.

In each new version of PHP, security vulnerabilities that the previous version had are fixed. This is essential so that your shop does not suffer hacks and, therefore, lose credibility with your customers.

In addition, there is a new feature that PrestaShop has included so that you can keep up to date with Google’s guidelines for positioning. Improving the user experience is practically obligatory, so you will have improved and simplified purchasing processes.

Thanks to the latter, the SEO of your online shop will increase exponentially, and you will see how conversions will improve, thanks to simplify in fewer steps the purchasing process for the customer.

If you don’t know how to upgrade PrestaShop, in the following section of this FAQ we explain the process we follow at IDX to upgrade PrestaShop in the process of upgrading to PrestaShop 8 for your online shop.

Don’t know how to update PrestaShop? We explain our procedure

To upgrade your shop from an old version to the latest version of PrestaShop, IDX has designed a series of steps to guarantee you a new shop with all the data.

PrestaShop 8 installation

We start with the installation of the latest version of PrestaShop, we do it on our server to be able to work from there and then we move it to your hosting, without fail.

Migration system

We install our data migration system, configure it and get down to work.

With this we manage to migrate the catalogue, suppliers, orders, manufacturers… absolutely everything so that you have it exactly the same as in the previous version.

We install modules

All those third party modules that you tell us, will be installed so that you do not miss anything. Of course, you will have to make sure that the modules you provide us are compatible with the latest version of PrestaShop.

We install the template

We install the template you have given us. In case you want to see other alternatives, we can put the one you tell us.

For our part, we can advise you and give you a choice between two incredible options:

1. Responsive templates that we know: they are quality templates with extraordinary designs for your online shop.

2. Exclusive bespoke design: in case you want a unique and custom-made design. We can make the design of your shop custom-made, correcting mistakes until it is the way you always wanted it.

We migrate your data

We perform the first data migration and show it to you so that you can see if there are any possible bugs and report them to our team of PrestaShop development experts.

When this part is perfectly structured and any possible errors have been ironed out, we continue with the procedure.

Configuring PrestaShop

We are sure that one of the parts you have spent the most time on is the PrestaShop configurations. That’s why we perfectly copy all the settings you had in the previous version (taxes, shipping, payments, etc) and the general settings.

In addition, being a new version, we also take care of configuring the new features.

We configure the modules

We understand that there will be many modules that will move from the old version to the new one. That is why we take care of configuring all the compatible modules and if you want a new one, we also do it so that everything works correctly.

We configure the template and design

In case you are going to use the same template you were using until now (something unlikely, since the current templates offer better performance and design), we make the configurations you had before.

In the case of opting for a new one, we leave it fully configured to get off to a good start with your new online shop.

We migrate all the data

When all these steps are done perfectly, checked, we have seen that there is no error and you give us the “okey”, we will finish the migration.

When everything is done, we will move your new online shop to the appropriate hosting and delete the old shop.

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