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We take care of updating your PrestaShop online shop to the latest version. We assure you that no data about your products, customers or orders will be lost in the process. You will have your shop updated with all the guarantees.

Hundreds of PrestaShop updates are our guarantee.

What will you get when you upgrade your PrestaShop?

Increased Security

Increased security

Each updated version of PrestaShop includes improvements and new features that the community has been demanding. These improvements are focused on increasing the security of online shops, improving performance to improve loading speed or to improve the usability of both the backoffice and the official template for the front office. They work every day to make your application a robust and secure software.

Better Management

Better management

The latest version of PrestaShop is based on the migration of a web development written from scratch to the Symfony framework. This implementation means leaving behind the heavy workload of creating code from scratch, so that a better performance of the application is guaranteed. The latter, together with the incorporation of new functionalities, will allow you to save time in repetitive activities of managing your business.

More Seo Friendly

More SEO friendly

Upgrading PrestaShop to the latest version will bring you benefits in terms of SEO optimisation for your online shop. You will benefit from a wide range of responsive templates, your website will be displayed correctly on any device. These templates are better and better designed to meet SEO standards. In addition to incorporating improvements in the modules with new features that help the SEO positioning of your online shop.

Benefits of upgrading PrestaShop

Having PrestaShop updated to the latest stable version is important so that both the user experience and the internal management of the shop are carried out in the most optimal way possible.

From a management point of view, the backoffice tends to offer more and more possibilities and functionalities, while at the same time becoming simpler and more intuitive to use. This makes everyday tasks such as entering or modifying products more fluid.

In terms of the programming language, the new templates offer greater customisation possibilities, making the adaptation to each web project more optimal and more durable over time.

Last but not least, the latest versions offer improved and simplified purchasing processes and the latest security features. This is very necessary in online commerce.

Do you want to have the latest stable version of PrestaShop? We manage the change for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does Innovadeluxe do in the updates?

Upgrade the customer’s PrestaShop shop to the latest available version or to the version requested by the customer.

  • We do not fix the default template if it is no longer supported, which is most likely. The default PrestaShop template of the updated version is left installed.
  • We do not fix modules that are no longer supported by default, it is up to the customer to purchase updated versions of these modules. The official PrestaShop modules are left installed.

Any of the above items, if borne by Innovadeluxe, are budgeted separately. By default, they are not included in the base price of the upgrade.

What do we ask customers before upgrades are made?

That they make a FULL backup from their hosting of the shop. There must always be the possibility to go back, and this is the responsibility of the customer, not Innovadeluxe. We request this in advance. If the customer does not make the backup and then there are problems, for example with the images (because they have been lost when regenerating) we are not at all responsible, it will be your problem not to have generated or requested the backup from your hosting provider. If this backup has to be done by Innovadeluxe, it will have to be contracted.

When will the update of your online shop be ready?

Please note that PrestaShop updates are only done during our office hours. All updates are usually done in the morning. For 3-4 hours, the shop will have to be under maintenance. If it is done in the morning, it will not be available until the afternoon. Sometimes it can be done in the afternoon, and in this case, it will not be available until we are finished. As the shop owner, you must assume this. Innovadeluxe does not respond to pressure or haste, as it is not up to us to speed up the process. It is the customer’s responsibility to notify his customers in good time in his shop.

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Request information

If you are looking for information to update your PrestaShop online shop to the latest version, you have come to the right place because we are specialists in it, contact us from this form and a business consultant will explain you our working method.

Our way of working the updates will not be the cheapest or the fastest, but it is the one that will give you the best guarantee. You will not lose any data from your shop and it will be completely customised to your liking.

Special Prices


We are specialists in one of the most complex tasks of an online shop. The quote will depend on your version of PrestaShop and the complexity of the upgrade.

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