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Specialists in technical SEO optimisation for E-commerce

Do you want your Ecommerce to rank correctly?

We are experts in various applications specialised in e-commerce and we have the best technicians to optimise the SEO On Page of your online shop. Technical SEO On Page optimisation is one of the most important pillars of search engine positioning.

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We help you to optimise your project

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Our specialisation

We have been creating ecommerce since 2007 and optimising them so that they work perfectly. In addition, in the last 10 years we have specialised in technical optimisation for SEO On page.

We work with the most important CMS, the most used ones such as PrestaShop, Shopify, WooCommerce (also WordPress in general for corporate websites or informative pages) and with BigCommerce.

With PrestaShop we can take optimisations to the limit, as we have mastered it to perfection thanks to our more than 15 years working with this CMS and being experienced developers with more than 200 modules developed. We can optimise all your code and if you are also hosted with us, we adapt the server so that it works the way your shop requires.

With WooCommerce or WordPress in general, it is similar to PrestaShop, although as we are not plugin developers, we lack that extra bit of experience, but we have not yet had a project where we have not been able to increase performance thanks to technical SEO optimisation.

With Shopify and BigCommerce, being SaaS software solutions in the cloud without access to all the code, we go as far as the platform allows us to go. But in general, these types of shops do not have the same technical SEO On Page optimisation requirements, as part of the work is already done by the platform as they take care of the web hosting.

How can we help you?

What do you need to hire us to help you with technical SEO On Page Optimisation?

In order for us to help you optimise your shop technically for SEO, you will need to contract a package of working hours. Once you have contracted, you will be assigned a programmer specialised in technical optimisation, who will be in charge of helping you with your project.

If you send us the report you have available with the improvements to be made, we will follow the recommendations made by the SEO consultant and we will make all the requested changes to your shop. We will be guided by the priorities indicated by your consultant.

You can ask us to do all the SEO tasks you need, not only technical optimisation tasks, we can also help you with design changes and usability and CRO optimisations to optimise your project’s conversions. If it is in the report that the consultant has given you, we can do it.

In your client panel on our website, you will have a section available where you can control the tasks we have carried out, the time each change has taken us and the time you still have available from the pack of hours contracted. This way you will have total control over the SEO optimisation investment you are making.

We are totally transparent with our work, we want you to have information about the work process at all times.

If you don’t have a report and you have contracted us to do a WPO or Google Core Web Vitals optimisation, we will simply get to work, analysing your project with Google PageSpeed Insights and other tools and we will correct all the errors detected in them. It will not be as deep an optimisation as if an SEO consultant analysed the project, but it will help you a lot to improve the On Page optimisation.

You are an agency and you fail on the technical side?

We collaborate with some SEO agencies offering technical optimisation services to their clients, especially for PrestaShop shops, but also for WordPress and Shopify.

Some of the agencies we collaborate with are leading agencies, some of the most reputable ones. Thanks to collaborate with us, the projects they carry, rise in Google results at a very good rate.

We can also collaborate with your agency to improve the quality of your service. In this way you will be able to retain your clients for much longer, as they will not have to look for other agencies that offer this service on their own, preventing them from leaving with those agencies with all the services they now have with your company.

How can we help?

There are two ways to collaborate.

The first option is that you refer your clients to contract us to optimise their projects. We will use the reports that you, as an agency specialised in strategy, have provided them with. We guarantee that this client will not be able to contract other SEO services from us or any other service in which we have concurrence.

The second option will probably be more interesting for you as you feel more comfortable with it. You can hire us directly and we will work on your clients’ projects as if we were part of your agency, without dealing directly with the end client. We will only communicate with you, who will be the one to tell us the tasks you need us to do.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I expect from IDX Innovadeluxe as Technical SEO Experts?

What you can expect is that we will help you to optimise your project as much as possible with the CMS you have created your online shop with. We will try to push it to the limit so that you have the best positioning in search engines.

We will follow the instructions provided by the SEO consultant specialised in strategy, so that the project has a sustainable growth month after month.

At all times, you will be able to maintain fluid communication with our technical team composed of programmers and designers with extensive experience in SEO, CRO and UX. You will be able to talk to them by email, both you and your external consultant.

If you have contracted a full SEO service with us, then you don’t have to worry about anything, as it will be the consultant assigned to your project who will be responsible for informing the technicians about the tasks to be performed each month, so that everything is done and you only have to worry about seeing how your sales increase.

How does IDX Innovadeluxe SEO On Page work?

Once you contract a pack of working hours, you will be assigned a technician to carry out the necessary tasks for your project.

From your client panel, you will have a new section in which you can see the tasks carried out, the time spent on each of them and the time you still have available from the pack of hours contracted.

If the report you send us has been created by a consultant external to our company, belonging to another agency, when we have doubts about a task, if you have provided us with their contact details, we will communicate directly with the consultant if you prefer, or we will tell you so that you can ask them, it is up to you.

If you have contracted the service with us, then you don’t have to worry about anything. The consultant will add to our project management software all the tasks that you have agreed with him for us to do. In that case, if any technician has doubts with any task, he will communicate internally with your consultant to solve doubts and for you it will be totally transparent and you will not have to do anything.

If your pack of hours runs out, we will inform you so that you can contract more. The technician will tell you and at the same time will inform our salesperson so that they can contact you to see if you want to continue with our service, contracting a new pack of working hours.

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