Doofinder and PrestaShop Integration

Integrate the best internal search engine for your ecommerce.

Thanks to our team of Doofinder’ experts.

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If you want to include a fast and functional internal search engine in your PrestaShop online store, Doofinder is the solution. Not only will you enjoy its functionalities, but we can also make custom developments for an optimal performance of your store.

With Doofinder’s integration with PrestaShop, finding products in your online store will be easier.

What is Doofinder and how can it help your PrestaShop store?

What will you get with our Doofinder integration service with PrestaShop?

Although the installation is simple, we help you configure Doofinder for PrestaShop, so that you can take advantage of all its features.

In fact, to get more out of what is currently one of the best internal search engines on the market, we make custom developments to expand or customize these features. 

This would be the case of our ‘Doofinder module by customer group  with which you can associate a search layer to a certain customer group of your chioce, configure the different layers in Doofinder in a much faster way and something else, very important to increase the conversion rate: get a discount price alert in the internal searches.

With customized solutions like these, made by our Doofinder experts, you’re not only helping users to find what they’re looking for, but also offering them an enhanced experience. The more you customize the features of this intelligent search engine, the more useful Doofinder’s integration with PrestaShop will be to understand the search intentions of potential customers. Which is essential to optimize your online store’s conversions.

Do you want to have a fast and functional internal search engine for PrestaShop? We manage the integration for you.

Custom development for Doofinder in PrestaShop

We are Doofinder experts

As Doofinder experts, we know this ecommerce search engine pretty well. Therefore, to its autocomplete functions when the user types, offering product suggestions, showing advertising banners in the search layer, etc, we can add many more features or improve the existing ones, if that’s what you need.

Users are often in a hurry. And especially in a large ecommerce, no matter how well organized your menu or filters are, they just want to get to their desired product. The more personalized the experience of searching and finding results is, the better. A satisfied user is more likely to make the purchase.

Programming to extend Doofinder’s functionality to large e-commerce sites

This is very important if you’re an ecommerce with a large number of products. In that case, it’s very possible that the service layer doesn’t meet your needs to take full advantage of this internal search engine. 

However, thanks to our custom developments, you can tell us what you need, or let us assess how the search engine can be improved, so that your users’ experience is 100% positive and your sales increase.

Because at the end of the day, that’s the functionality of Doofinder: increasing your sales, because your potential customers won’t be going around the store to find what they want.

For all the reasons mentioned previously, customizing the search results of your internal search engine is fundamental. And something that Doofinder offers you. 

In some ecommerces it may be enough with the default functionality comin with it. But in other cases, a custom development can be applied to optimize it. This is actually the best option, so your business strategy can be integrated into the internal search engine. 

You can choose for example which products come up first when the client is searching for a brand, if these products are the ones that sell the most. Imagine the possibilities of having your own “Google” in the store, where you set the rules and customize it according to your goals.

Request information

If you are thinking of putting Doofinder in your shop and you don’t know how to do it, we are specialists in it, we can help you. Our technical team has been trained directly by Doofinder’s technicians as we are their partners.

Contact us so that a consultant can explain what we can offer you. In addition to integration, we have a module to further expand its functionality.

Precios especiales


Doofinder is a super powerful search engine, with a very extensive functionality. So the cost of integration will depend on the functionalities you have contracted in Doofinder and the hours of work it takes us to help you.

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