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Your online shop better positioned in search engines thanks to your PrestaShop Blog. Get new customers through your blog.

Do you want to make your online shop take off in the rankings?

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Position your online shop on Google thanks to your PrestaShop Blog

Perform Content Marketing, to keep your customers and followers informed and maintain a link between customer and company through the continuous publication of quality content and for them what better option than a blog in PrestaShop.

Boost the positioning of your online shop on Google thanks to a PrestaShop blog. Get more traffic to your shop and customers thanks to content marketing. Offer your visitors and customers interesting content to keep them coming back to your shop.

How to have a blog in PrestaShop?

At Innovadeluxe we want to help you communicate with your customers. That’s why we install and configure your blog in PrestaShop 1.6 and 1.7.

Thanks to the powerful, intuitive and easily manageable CMS WordPress, you can set up a blog in your PrestaShop shop. WordPress is no longer limited to blogging, but it manages blogs very well, because that’s what it was originally designed for. WordPress is the best content publishing platform for marketing, the most comfortable and the most intuitive.

If you need your online shop to do Content Marketing, the ideal place is a WordPress blog. Keeping your customers and followers informed is essential to create a community that serves as a link between customer and company. For this, the recommended option is WordPress as a blog in your PrestaShop online shop.

Advantages of having a blog on PrestaShop

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