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We take care of the design of your PrestaShop online shop, adapted to your needs so you can start your adventure on the Internet. We will make sure you have an attractive, modern, converting and usable shop. Thanks to the best e-commerce CMS, PrestaShop, you can easily manage your new online shop.

What design services do we offer?

What will you get with the design of your PrestaShop online shop?

Responsive Design

Responsive Design

We will design your online shop with a responsive template from a wide catalogue in which you will find more than 200 to choose from. With endless possibilities to achieve a design focused on your needs.

Prestashop Configurations

PrestaShop configurations

We will take care of setting up your online shop, configuring the server, configuring performance options, currency, languages, countries, provinces, tax rules, shipping rates, etc… We can even create your catalogue!

Ssd Hosting And Ssl

Next generation Cloud Server

Top quality web hosting for your PrestaShop shop. SSD disks optimised for optimal performance in PrestaShop and WordPress. In addition to the possibility of installing SSL certificates.

Legal Compliance Modules

Legal compliance modules

Comply with the technical aspects of the legal framework when creating your online shop! Modules to cover the needs of the European Union: RGPD, Cookies and regulations for commerce in Spain. For example, for PDF invoice or withdrawal.

Marketing Modules

Marketing Modules

Increase your sales and increase your revenue with our Marketing modules! With your PrestaShop website design we include modules to increase average cart value, encourage impulse buying and much more.

SEO Audit

SEO Strategy

We create an initial SEO strategy for your PrestaShop online shop. So that Google indexes your content correctly from day one. With a Content and Link Building strategy suitable for your project, taking into account your sector.

What kind of shops do we usually create?

We take care of creating your PrestaShop online shop for you.

You don’t have to worry about setting up your PrestaShop online shop or configurations, we do it for you. You can import your product catalogue in CSV either from your ERP or from your Dropshipping provider.

You will have professional support for any issues or questions you may have. And you will also have training available, so that you know how to work with your PrestaShop shop.

To get you off to a good start on the Internet, we will register your PrestaShop website with Google tools. And to promote your business, you can have a blog with WordPress or even a Google advertising campaign (SEM).

If that wasn’t enough, you can request our SEO service, with which you will be able to climb positions in Google thanks to our team of expert SEO Consultants.

Designing an online shop to sell more online

Whether you are a freelancer, small business or large company, PrestaShop is the best option for you when it comes to designing online shops. It is the perfect tool for its ease of use, as the learning curve at user level of this CMS for e-commerce management is almost zero.

In just a few days you can be using your PrestaShop shop correctly and successfully. And if you need some help, you can always come to us for training sessions.

Shop Packs: Online shop design tailored to your needs

We have shop packs specially adapted to your needs to create the online shop you were waiting for.

We offer you everything you need to start your activity on the Internet and, if you also need some special functionality that you can’t find in our packs, we can also create a PrestaShop shop made to measure for you.

If your customers are professionals, check out our online shop design packs for sales to B2B professionals or our packs for combined B2C and B2B commerce.

Our team of professionals specialised in Prestashop is here to help you. Our experience supports us, we have implemented PrestaShop shops of all types and in all sectors, creating more than 600 PrestaShop shops. We are your best option.

SEO strategy for your new PrestaShop shop

Start your online adventure on the right foot! An ideal complement to the design of your PrestaShop website. We will carry out a complete study of your shop and your sector to trace the route to follow to position it in Google and attract traffic from your potential customers.

This is precisely our goal with the SEO strategy of your new e-commerce. When you start creating your online shop, an SEO consultant will analyse all the key factors that affect the positioning of your project, so that Google likes your shop from the very first moment.

There are a multitude of factors that affect the positioning of a PrestaShop shop: from technical On Page factors, detectable only by an SEO expert, to external factors that we will try to analyse and evaluate.

In addition, you will be able to count on an SEO consultant who will guide you and advise you on how to climb positions in search engines.

Get off to a good start and position your new online shop design at the top of Google!

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Custom PrestaShop online shop development

The importance of the design of an online shop is more than proven. The vast majority of users make their purchase decision not only because of the prices, but also because of the confidence that the shop gives them. This confidence can be gained by having a careful design, which sends a clear message to the customer. We put a lot of care in everything we do.

If you want to have a successful shop, your project must be well thought out and designed. You can work with customised templates, that’s fine, but if you want to have something that sets you apart from the rest, the option is to create a 100% customised project. Taking care of every detail to the maximum. Doing A/B testing of each element to determine which is the best structure for your shop.

STEP 1 – Creating custom Wireframes to structure the shop

What is a WireFirme?

A Wireframe is a grey box design. This means that you don’t actually design each element of the page, you just create grey blocks and place them in the space they will occupy in each area of the shop. This way, you can get an idea of how your online shop will be structured. You can test moving blocks around to see how it looks, as these changes are done very quickly and the cost is minimal. You will make sure that your shop has the best usability for your customers.

Wireframes Creation

Wireframes creation

A Wireframe is created for each of the most important sections of the shop. Home page, Categories page and Product Tab. Other sections such as Checkout or Customer Account can be worked on.

A/B Testing With Wireframes

A/B Testing with Wireframes

Several different versions of each section are created, with different placements of each element. This way you can A/B test each section and choose the structure with the best usability and user experience.

Choice Of Final Structure

Choice of final structure

After all the A/B tests with Wireframes, the client selects the option that best suits their project for each section. At this point, the customised design can be budgeted for and then made with Adobe XD.

A/B testing to improve usability and user experience in the shop

The vast majority of projects are started without making a prior study of the project, without creating a schematic diagram and relying on the fact that the designs already created for the available templates are totally optimal.

Premium templates, some of them are fine, they have taken care not only of the design. But in general, when you create a multi-purpose template, you can’t optimise it as much as you should.

With a 100% bespoke design, all the functional details of the project can be optimised, with a much more usable result and a much higher conversion rate.

A/B Testing To Improve Usability And User Experience In The Shop

STEP 2 – Design creation with Adobe XD

What is an Adobe XD?

Adobe XD is the most advanced web design software. Photoshop is dead for web design. With Adobe XD, you can design shops in a more or less simple way and it also allows you to create interactive files, so you can see the navigation flow of the web and understand each screen. You can create static and interactive designs.

Interactive Navigation Flow

Interactive navigation flow

When the design of each screen of the shop is created, an interactive navigation flow can be created. This way you can see how the whole design will look and what the customer’s conversion funnel will be like, from the moment they enter the home page until they finalise an order. For this you need to have all the screens, if not, you can create it partially.

Final Design Approved By The Client

Final design approved by the client

With the designs already created, the necessary corrections can be made and once all the aspects of each section and block of the shop have been decided, the design will be finished. If it is necessary to create new functionalities for the shop, it will be possible to move on to the layout and programming phase.

STEP 3 – Creation of the shop and design layout

With the design finished in AdobeXD, you can now move on to setting up the shop with PrestaShop, making all the shop configurations, selecting the base template to implement the created design and programming the new functionalities if necessary.

Installation And Configuration

Installation and configuration

We install the latest version of PrestaShop available, to make it as stable as possible. The modules with the necessary functionalities are installed and all the configurations are made.

Layout Design

Layout design

As a general rule, we use the default PrestaShop template as a base. On it, we implement with CSS all the design approved by the client.

Prestashop Module Development

Module development

If necessary, new functionalities are created by developing customised modules, in order to provide the shop with the functionality that has been designed according to the customer’s requests.

Template-based PrestaShop online shop design

Although it is best to have a 100% bespoke design, it is not for all budgets, as it requires considerable design work before starting to create the online shop.

There is another option that also works very well when the available budget is not very high. This involves creating a PrestaShop shop design based on pre-designed templates, which are then customised to give the online shop a unique look and feel.

The process of creating and designing a PrestaShop shop, is faster than when doing a custom shop design. We skip the first two steps and go straight to the shop template layout.

Creation of the shop and layout design

Starting with the design of a template that you have selected from the available catalogue, we create your online shop with PrestaShop. As you will see, the process will be faster, but you will have to adapt to the functionality available in the template as it is not custom-made for you.

Installation And Configuration

Installation and configuration

We install PrestaShop in its latest available version. We install the template you have selected and the modules your project needs. We make the PrestaShop configurations.

Layout Design

Design adaptation

We customise the catalogue template you have selected so that the shop has a unique look and feel and does not look like other shops with the same template. Don’t worry, your shop will not be a clone of others.

Prestashop Module Development

Module configuration

We configure all the modules installed, so that your shop has all the functionality that the project needs. We have a lot of modules available and there are more in PrestaShop Addons.

PrestaShop Premium Templates

The success of your online shop will largely depend on the design. More than 90% of Internet consumers take into account the design of the online shop when making a purchase decision.

PrestaShop 1.7 Templates, a unique design for your online shop

Nowadays, the design of an online shop is one of the decisive factors in the consumer’s decision to make a purchase. The confidence that a shop with a modern and innovative design conveys, clears up any doubts and invites the customer to make a purchase.

For this reason, using PrestaShop Themes with current designs, following the trends in terms of design and structure, will give your online shop the necessary credibility point for the customer to finalise their purchase.

With our PrestaShop Premium templates, in addition to a unique design for your online shop and the confidence generated in the consumer, you can also start to make a SEO strategy that will make you take off in the rankings.

Even if you have a shop with PrestaShop Themes 1.6 or 1.7, we have the best templates, which will give your business the presence, quality and reliability it needs to succeed.

Get everyone to shop in your shop with Responsive PrestaShop Templates

It is a fact that today’s Internet user is multi-device, connecting daily from their PC, phone or tablet. And each of them has a different size and usability.

If a potential customer connects to your PrestaShop online shop from many different devices, why would you lose a potential sale because your shop does not adapt to the different devices from which the user has connected?

The solution to this problem are the PrestaShop 1.6 responsive and 1.7 responsive templates, adapting the online shop to any environment in which your online shop should be displayed.

So forget about tiny menus and buttons that are impossible to press with one finger. Or tiny pictures that are only visible if we zoom in. With responsive PrestaShop templates you will be able to solve these problems and increase your shop’s sales, especially on mobile devices.

A catalogue of more than 50 PrestaShop Premium templates

Prestashop Premium Templates

PrestaShop Premium Templates

We work with several catalogues of the best PrestaShop template developers with more than 50 different designs for you to choose the one that best suits you and your business.

Installation Of The Template

Installation of the template

We take care of installing the PrestaShop template in your shop and leave it as it comes in the demo of the catalogue template you have selected. You will be able to make the design changes you need.

Quality Guarantee

Quality guarantee

We give our guarantee as a company specialised in PrestaShop that the templates selected for our clients work. And if there are any problems, we give you solutions.

And what’s more, when you contract the template-based PrestaShop shop design, we customise the design, create the graphic material you need and do all the configuration of the PrestaShop template and its modules.

Design Customisation

Design customisation

If you wish, our team of design experts will take care of adapting your PrestaShop template to the corporate image of your business.

Design Of Graphic Material

Design of graphic material

You can ask us to design graphic material, such as banners or sliders, to make your online shop unique and 100% adapted to your style.

Prestashop Module Settings

Module configuration

If the PrestaShop template you have chosen has associated modules, you can request their installation and configuration to make everything perfect.

Internationalisation of Online Shops

Increase the sales of your business by internationalising your online shop. Sell in other countries to increase your company’s turnover. Selling in nearby markets is easy to implement in your shop.

At Innovadeluxe we have a lot of experience in selling internationally and we know what it takes to do so. In addition, as an agency specialising in PrestaShop, we have reached collaboration agreements with some translation agencies, adopting a new quality service.

Don’t be limited by borders, internationalise your online shop

When you contract the design of your PrestaShop shop, consider the option of creating a multi-language shop or a multi-shop if you are interested in selling in several countries. We will take care of all the necessary configurations for each country in which you want to sell. Also, if you need it, we can take care of importing your catalogue and translations for other languages.

Languages In Multi Store

Languages in multi-store

For better SEO positioning in Google, we recommend that each language of the shop is in a new shop within a multi-shop. Each language with its corresponding TLD. For Spain the domain with .es, for France with .fr, for Italy with .it, etc… This requires advanced configurations in the multi-shop part. We have a lot of experience in this and can help you with this complicated work.

Content Translation

Content translation

If you require quality translations for the contents of your shop, we can translate your product catalogue into English, French or Portuguese at a very affordable cost. The translations are carried out by native translators. We export your catalogue to count the words to be translated and give you a quote. If you accept it, once translated, we will add all the translations to your shop ourselves.

International Configurations

International configurations

To take the step of internationalisation and sell in other countries, you must take into account different configurations within your shop or multi-store, so that you don’t have any surprises later on. You have to adapt the shop so that it works perfectly in the new international sales environment. You have to take into account payment methods, transport, legal regulations and a few other things.

Frequently asked questions

Why choose IDX Innovadeluxe for the creation and design of PrestaShop?

If you are thinking of looking for an agency for the creation and design of your PrestaShop shop, Innovadeluxe is the agency for you. Our experience of over 15 years in the creation of online shops allows us to thoroughly address every aspect and customization that your shop requires.

Throughout our history in e-commerce, we have developed hundreds of successful shops.

By entrusting us with your project, you will get the shop you have always imagined, fully configured and ready to start selling. It will be optimised to guarantee a successful start in the world of online commerce.

If you have been looking for a professional agency to carry out this task, IDX Innovadeluxe is the answer you have been waiting for. We will be at your side at all times to provide you with the assistance you need.

We are experts in creating unique, fully customised shop experiences, designing shops that are tailored to your specific needs and designed to maximise the conversion of visitors into customers.

What are the advantages of PrestaShop design?

Hiring the PrestaShop online shop design service in Madrid with IDX Innovadeluxe has several advantages to take into account, among them:

  • The development of a custom design that fits your brand and specific needs, improving the appearance of your shop and making it stand out in a competitive market.
  • Exceptional design expertise that focuses on every detail, ensuring the effectiveness of your online shop.
  • Time savings by relying on experienced professionals to design your shop, allowing you to concentrate on other crucial aspects of your business.
  • Optimisation for mobile devices, ensuring that your shop is easy to use on smartphones and tablets, improving the user experience and increasing sales.
  • Integration with additional PrestaShop tools and applications that enhance the functionality of your online shop.

In short, PrestaShop design offers improved appearance and functionality, time savings, optimisation for mobile devices and the ability to integrate additional tools to improve the user experience and increase sales.

How long will it take to create and design my shop?

The time required to design PrestaShop online shops depends on several factors, such as the degree of customisation required, the need for additional modules, the import of product catalogues as well as other aspects and needs to be taken into account. There is no universal timeframe that applies to all shops.

If you opt for a pre-designed PrestaShop template and only require configuration without making significant changes to the structure or design, it is possible to create a shop in a few days or weeks, depending on the current workload.

However, if you want a highly customised and unique shop, the process can take longer. Our designers and developers will create a shop from scratch and customise it to your specifications.

In either case, our goal is to minimise the time required to provide you with effective, high quality design and development.

Can I see the design of the shop as you work?

Yes, you will have access at all times to see the design of your PrestaShop shop as we work on it. We will provide you with exclusive, private access for real-time feedback and tracking. This open communication will allow us to ensure that the work we do meets your expectations and needs, guaranteeing your complete satisfaction with the design and development process.

Contact us, tell us what your business is about and how you would like us to help you.

We will make a complete feasibility study of the project and you will have free personalised advice so that your project starts correctly and you will soon achieve your objectives.

Where and at what times you can reach us:


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Opening hours: Monday to Friday 7:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. (mainland Spain)

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