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It is possible that if you have decided to take the step of migrating your Online Store from OpenCart to PrestaShop, you may have the fear of losing the organic positioning of the old URLs or information of your website.

This is something that we see in many of our customers when they contact us, and it is not for less, because at first glance, it may seem an extremely complicated process, due to  OpenCart and PrestaShop have different ways to manage the database, tables, products etc..

However, in Innovadeluxe we have professionals who have spent years performing migrations of online stores in a completely successful and effective way, without losing information or positioning acquired in the URLs of your store in OpenCart, so with us you have no reason to worry.

We perform the migration from OpenCart to PrestaShop with the highest efficiency and without any danger to your bussiness.

PrestaShop vs OpenCart

If you have come this far, it is possible that it is because you are not satisfied with your OpenCart Online Store. That’s why we want to tell you about the advantages of PrestaShop and how it can improve your website: 

Both platforms have a community of members, very useful to see information and solve doubts, but in the case of OpenCart this community has half as many members as PrestaShop.

OpenCart has all the official documentation only in English,  this is of vital importance if you do not want to search for specific information and inquire about specific aspects of your online store.

PrestaShop, on the other hand, has a team of developers, as well as the community that continuously improves the features and modules, therefore in each new version, your new online store will have improvements and will be more efficient. This does not happen in OpenCart.

With PrestaShop it is easier to customize your online store, as you will have a wide catalog of themes and modules. OpenCart offers numerous themes, however, to integrate them into your online store you will need the help of a developer, since the management of templates and functionalities is much more complex.

As for the administration panel, PrestaShop has a more advanced panel, and also much more intuitive than OpenCart, with a highly customizable front office and an easy to manage back office.

In general, stores made with OpenCart are much more basic in terms of functionality than those created with PrestaShop. It is normal that when your business grows, you need something more that OpenCart cannot give you. With PrestaShop you will.

Why should I migrate from OpenCart to PrestaShop?

PrestaShop is the platform that offers the most customization possibilities, with more than 3000 themes in the Addons Marketplace, as well as a large catalog of modules, some free and some paid.

PrestaShop is also continuously growing, implementing improvements in each new version available, based on feedback from users’ needs. 

For example, the latest version includes a PrestaShop Ads panel, extremely useful for managing Smart Shopping campaigns on Google, uploading your product feed for paid campaigns in a very simple way, and even analyzing your competitors.

In the case of Multi-Shops, PrestaShop offers you the possibility to manage everything internally from the back office, making this a very simple task, choosing the dropdown you want.

On the other hand, PrestaShop incorporates a section dedicated to improving the performance of your online store, which is of vital importance for the organic positioning of your online store. In this section, you can easily optimize the basics: cache, CSS or JavaScript and more.

In Innovadeluxe we are advanced experts in PrestaShop, we know that it is the platform with which you will make the leap that your business needs and in addition, you will be in the hands of our team the migration process, so that it will be totally safe and comfortable.

What about SEO positioning?

Maintaining and not losing any of the SEO positioning of your OpenCart store it is an aspect that Innovadeluxe take into account when migrating from OpenCart to PrestaShop.

Due tu the SEO positioning that you have acquired in your OpenCart store, will not be lost, and may even improve with the migration, since certain optimizations will be made in the new store. 

Our team will optimize certain aspects that are essential, such as the creation of a robots.txt and a sitemap, so that Google will still have all the necessary information.

In addition, the old URLs will be redirected to the new ones, so that the acquired authority will be transferred without losing it.

As you can see, the actions are complex, but carried out by experts. Thus, they will be performed with a high degree of attention and following a careful migration plan, there is no reason to worry.

Go from OpenCart to PrestaShop

Sometimes you need to make a change, and you should not be afraid to take action. If the circumstances or needs of your online store have changed and you have realized that OpenCart is not the best fit, don’t hesitate to migrate from PrestaShop to OpenCart.

It is an extremely secure CMS and works perfectly in any environment. It is compatible with any TPV or online payment gateway in general. In addition to having more than 500 features at your disposal. And more than 5000 modules in its marketplace. Not to mention more than 3000 themes.

At Innovadeluxe as a PrestaShop Platinum Partner, in addition to having certain advantages for it, we know this platform in depth. Who better to be at your side in the migration from OpenCart to PrestaShop?

Trust our quality service and enjoy your new store without any inconvenience

How are we going to do your OpenCart to PrestaShop migration?

Request information

To receive information to migrate your OpenCart shop to PrestaShop, please contact our sales team. We have been migrating OpenCart shops to PrestaShop for years. Our technical team is specialized, you will not lose any data in the migration process if you work with us.

Our business consultants can provide you with a detailed quotation for the design and implementation of the new PrestaShop shop and the migration of the data from Opencart.

Precios especiales


You will need to provide information on the total number of products, categories, customers and orders in OpenCart, in order to calculate the data migration budget. Also send us the sitemap.xml file for URL redirections.

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