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When doing a migration, the biggest fear we encounter with our clients whose stores have been running for years is losing the positioning of their old URLs.

Many have done their research and found that migrating from one CMS to another can be a disaster. Magento and PrestaShop have different ways of managing databases, tables, products…

But with Innovadeluxe you don’t have to worry about any of this. We have been doing online store migrations for years and we know how to move all the necessary information from your Magento store to Prestashop.

We perform your migration from Magento to PrestaShop with maximum efficiency and without your business noticing it.

PrestaShop vs Magento

If you are reading this is because you are not convinced with Magento, and of course, the other most logical choice is PrestaShop. Totally true. Let’s see why:

  • Both platforms are open source, but in the case of Magento there is an Enterprise version, where the license is much more expensive than the cost of a PrestaShop store. In addition, moving from Community (free) to Enterprise (paid) is not easy. And it will be the one you need if you want to take the step to a big store.
  • Magento has all its official documentation in English. PrestaShop, however, has it in Spanish. Having the documentation and support in your own language is very important and an advantage if you want to learn more about the ins and outs of your new online store.
  • The Prestashop administration panel is simpler and more intuitive than Magento.
  • If you need a custom development (and in the end, many customers ask for it) as PrestaShop’s code is much easier to understand than Magento’s, the cost is much lower (almost a third of what it would be in Magento).
  • The performance of a PrestaShop store’s runtime environment is lighter than Magento. A PrestaShop store can go 2 or 3 times faster using VPS or even shared servers than a Magento store, which in most cases dedicated servers (more expensive).
  • The management and maintenance of a PrestaShop store is much easier than Magento, even if your store has a lot of products.

Still have doubts? read on!

Why should I migrate from magento to PrestaShop?

It is a fully customizable platform, thanks to the number of themes, modules, etc… that exist in the market. Some of them are free and others are paid.

PrestaShop is continuously growing and improving. The latest version 1.7 even includes a PrestaShop Ads control panel, from which you can manage Smart Shopping campaigns on Google, upload your product feed for paid campaigns in a simplified way or even make an analysis of your competitors. 

If you have a multi-store, you can manage them all from the back office in a very simple way: choose the one you want from the drop-down menu, and that’s it.

PrestaShop includes a section to improve store performance, where you can easily optimize the basics: cache, CSS or JavaScript and more. And remember what we talked about in the previous section: the performance of PrestaShop with shared servers or VPS, is much better than Magento with such servers.

We know PrestaShop inside out and we can tell you that you won’t go wrong.

Will my SEO rankings suffer?

The organic positioning that you have achieved with your Magento store will remain there, it may even improve after the migration because some aspects of the new store will be optimized and a robots.txt and a sitemap will be created so that Google still has all the necessary information. And of course, the old URLs will have been redirected to the new ones and will have passed on their authority.

In short: the SEO positioning of your Magento store will not be lost when migrating to Magento. The actions are complex, but if they are carried out by experts who will perform them with attention and following a careful migration plan, there is nothing to worry about.

Switch from Magento to PrestaShop

Sometimes a change is necessary, and you should not be afraid to make it. If the needs of your store have changed, if you have seen that Magento is not the platform that suits you, do not hesitate to make the leap to PrestaShop.

It is a CMS of the safest and works perfectly in all types of environment. It is compatible with the vast majority of POS gateways or online payments in general. In addition to having more than 500 features at your disposal. And more than 5000 modules in its marketplace. Not to mention more than 3000 themes.

At Innovadeluxe we are PrestaShop Platinum Partner and we know the platform perfectly. Who better to take you by the hand in the migration from Magento? Trust our good service and enjoy your new store without complications.

Request information

If you are looking for information to migrate your Magento shop to PrestaShop, you have come to the right place, we have been doing migrations between Magento and PrestaShop for years, so we can help you with the migration so you don’t lose data in the process.

Speak to our business consultants to get a quote for the creation of the new PrestaShop shop and the migration of the data from Magento.

Precios especiales


The cost of a migration from Magento to PrestaShop will depend on the volume of data to be migrated. You will need to tell us the products, categories, customers and orders in Magento as well as the sitemap.xml file.

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