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Updating WordPress is a vital step to get all the latest features on your website. But not only that, WordPress updates are a must when it comes to the security of your project.

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For this process to be carried out perfectly and without causing problems, it is important to rely on WordPress experts. Don’t put your website at risk and upgrade to the latest version of WordPress quickly and comfortably by trusting the best professionals.

Why choose IDX to update your WordPress website?

At IDX Innovadeluxe we are WordPress experts. We know the backoffice of WordPress pages perfectly and we perform this type of tasks routinely. Our team has years of experience and performs this type of actions perfectly.

We have professionals who know how delicate this process can be, so when you count on IDX, you will be counting on professionals who know how to update WordPress in a really safe way and avoiding inconveniences.

Why is it important to update WordPress?

As happens on other occasions, updates are vital, especially if we talk about the security of your website. 

By updating a WordPress website, we are helping its stability, we also help to avoid bugs or even prevent possible attacks.

This is because when an update is developed, improvements are made to the code that help keep your website secure. In addition, improvements are made in the code of the templates or in the code of the Plugins.

What do we ask customers before upgrades are made?

Before upgrading your WordPress website, our technical team will ask you to perform a complete BackUp, so that once we start upgrading, we do not lose any information. 

This BackUp is very important and if it is not provided, we will not be able to go back. For this reason, we will ask you for it in advance. 

Of course, if you don’t know or don’t want to do the BackUp, we can take care of it. If you are hosted on our servers, we will do the backup ourselves without asking you for anything.

What are the benefits of updating WordPress?

Upgrading WordPress will bring a number of benefits to your website:

  • Improved security: your website will be more secure thanks to the latest security updates.
  • Improved functionality: your website will have the latest features developed by WordPress.
  • Improved plugins: your website will have the latest versions of plugins compatible with the latest version of WordPress.
  • Improvements in performance: your website will be faster and faster, as new versions of WordPress are always more optimised than previous versions.

What do we do at IDX Innovadeluxe to update WordPress?

Wordpress Backup


Before performing the WordPress update, we make sure to make a complete backup of your website so that if there is an unforeseen event, we can restore and find a solution.

Upgrading Wordpress

Upgrading WordPress

Once all the previous backup steps have been taken. We perform a proper WordPress update step by step. We start with the core and continue with the template and plugins.

Plugins Review

Plugins Review

After the WordPress update we check your Plugins and make sure they are still working properly so that the process is correct and we have not left anything out.

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If you have a WordPress website and you haven’t updated it for a long time, you will need help to do it correctly. You can do it yourself, but probably after the update the template or plugins will fail. If you need it to be done correctly, contact us and hire our support.

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How Much Does Integration Cost


Having WordPress updated is mandatory to keep your website in good condition, secure and with the latest features. We offer you adjusted rates for this.

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