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Put your WordPress website in the hands of professionals. We maintain your website quickly and efficiently. 

Having a WordPress technical support is a guarantee of good performance and effective troubleshooting. At IDX Innovadeluxe we are experts in WordPress, we solve incidents daily with the utmost professionalism and we take care of our clients’ websites, because we know how important it is that they work properly.

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It is possible that sometimes you have encountered problems that you do not know how to solve or directly, you do not have enough time to investigate how to solve it. It is also possible that you have tried to solve an issue with your WordPress website and in the end, due to lack of time or experience, this problem has become more serious.

Leave your WordPress website in the hands of professionals. At IDX Innovadeluxe we are experts in Wordpress Support, we want to help you!

Why delegate WordPress support tasks to IDX Innovadeluxe?

Our team of technicians has more than 10 years of experience managing incidents. You can count on us whenever you need it. Just contact our sales team and request support for your WordPress website. 

You will have one of the best agencies at your disposal. We have a multidisciplinary team capable of solving your incidents efficiently. You will not have to worry about anything, we will take care of providing a solution to the problems that may exist on your website.

If I need to solve a problem on my website, can you help me?

Por supuesto, en IDX Innovadeluxe sabemos perfectamente que en ocasiones hay problemas que si no se solucionan rápidamente, pueden tener consecuencias graves. 

That is why we have a WordPress Support service, in which our team of technicians will prioritize the importance of the task to be performed to solve it as soon as possible.

What is WordPress Support?

Surely at some point you have had an incident on your WordPress website and you have thought that it would be great to have the help of a professional. You may also have wanted to improve your website, adding a plugin, or perhaps optimizing it, but you have not been able to implement any action.

At IDX Innovadeluxe we offer you a WordPress Support service with which you can ask us to help you with incidents or necessary implementations on your website.

What is our working method for WordPress Support?

Very simple, you just have to contact us and explain the problem to be solved or the actions to be performed on your WordPress website. Once you give us the details, we estimate the time it will take for you to hire hours of work. 

We will indicate the pack of hours of support to pay and once paid, we get on with it!

What advantages do you get with an agency specialised in WordPress Support?

All websites need to resolve incidents and carry out maintenance tasks or optimisation improvements.

Forget about problems: you will have a team focused on your website. You won’t have to spend time investigating how to perform the pending tasks to be done. In addition, you will get an effective solution executed by experts.

Zero loss of sales: by having a specialised agency to help you, you won’t lose sales because your website has problems. We will solve the incidents quickly, so that your business is not harmed.

Services we offer for the Support of your WordPress website

Error Resolution

Error resolution

We solve the incidents that exist on your website. If you have a problem on your website, contact us and we will take care of it. You only have to contract a pack of hours of support.

Support Via Ticket

Support via Ticket

You will be in constant communication with our technicians via support tickets (email). You will be able to have each incident located and know the status of its resolution at all times and the time spent.

Account Manager

Account Manager

If you need a personalised contact, you can count on an Account Manager to whom you can ask your questions about our services. You will be advised at all times.

Template Installation And Customisation

Template installation and customisation

We install the WordPress template of your choice. We leave it configured and customise your WordPress without you having to worry about anything, so that your website will finally look like you imagined it would!

Speed Optimizations

Speed optimizations

If your website does not load quickly, this is due to a series of factors that need to be solved as soon as possible. Our team will take care of the requested optimisations. WPO optimisation, essential for SEO.

Security Improvements

Security improvements

The security of your WordPress website is very important. At IDX we know this, that’s why you can count on us to make all the security improvements you need. All you have to do is ask us to secure your website.

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Request information

If you have a website created with WordPress and you need help to improve it or to solve a problem, we can help you to do what you need.

Send us a message with as much detail as possible about what you need to do, so we can give you an estimate of the support hours you need to hire to do the job.

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