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We keep your WordPress installation always up and running. We take care of installing and configuring a security system to keep your WordPress protected. In addition, every month, we will do maintenance tasks to keep your WordPress always updated to the latest version, both the core and the theme or plugins. Always making previous backups to avoid problems. We will install new features to improve the stability and performance of your WordPress, we will treat it as if it were our own website. You will not have to worry about anything, we take care of everything.

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Services offered as a WordPress Agency

What are the advantages of WordPress maintenance?

With WordPress maintenance you will have the following advantages for your website:

  • Security protection: We install a powerful security system to prevent intrusions on your website.
  • Optimized operation: Web always updated with the latest improvements and periodic review.
  • Plugins always updated: Every month we update all your plugins and solve any incident that may arise in the process.
  • Theme always updated: Every month we check if there are updates for your template and we apply them. If a problem arises, we revert the changes and look for a solution.
  • Regular backups: We make backups before updating your WordPress, in order to be able to revert in case there is a problem with an update.
  • Optimized performance: You will have some additional features to improve the performance of your website and in case you need any other premium features that may be useful for you, we will recommend them to you.

Why is a maintenance service important?

Having a WordPress maintenance service is essential nowadays. We set up the tools to inform us whenever there is an intrusion attempt on your WordPress. Usually, the security plugin blocks intrusion attempts. When we receive a warning, we will verify that your website is still in the correct state. Attackers are getting smarter and there is no 100% guarantee that security tools can prevent all attacks.

This is one of the examples why it is important to have maintenance, websites are very vulnerable to cyber attacks. If you have a constant and monthly maintenance, you will prevent a large percentage of your website from being damaged.

What does our maintenance offer compared to other alternatives?

Our maintenance service is one of the most complete in the market, if you don’t believe it, take a look at the points we deal with in this unique service: 

  • Premium and free plugins
  • Plugins configuration
  • Regular backups
  • Review and configuration of WordPress options
  • Monitoring of file changes
  • Monitoring of database changes
  • Activity monitoring
  • Updating WordPress core
  • Updating plugins and theme
  • Review of plugins and theme after update
  • Restoring backups if plugins or themes fail
  • Periodic reports with everything that happened during the month

Why choose IDX Innovadeluxe as your WordPress Maintenance Agency?

At IDX Innovadeluxe we have a team of experts who will maintain your WordPress website on a monthly basis. We have more than ten years of experience performing this type of tasks, so we know all the “tricks” to have your website ready. 

We want our customers to be comfortable and secure in the knowledge that their online shops are in the best hands. 

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