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Do you want to start having a presence on the Internet?

We take care of the website design adapted to your needs so that you can start your adventure on the Internet. We will make your website attractive, modern, converting and usable.

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Web Design Services

Responsive Web Design

Responsive Web Design

Our professional web design adapts to all formats, so that your website or business is always perfectly functional.

Review And Follow Up

Review and follow up

After launching your site, you can to count on our support team for any questions or improvements you want to make.

Hosting For Your Project

Hosting for your project

If you don’t have one yet or you’re thinking about changing, at IDX we’re experts in hosting and we offer you the best option for your needs.

Legal Compliance

Legal compliance

We install the cookie and GDPR modules according to the current legal regulations. You must have someone who can write the texts for you.

Web Analytics

Web Analytics

Monitoring of everything that happens on your website using analytical tools such as Google Analytics.

Training For You

Training for you

There’s no point in giving you a website if you don’t know how to manage it. So we teach you how to do it.

What is our web design and development process?

We follow clear guidelines so that from the very first moment we know what you need, what’s your idea, what the objective of your website is… That is why our process as a web design and development agency is carried out in this way:

  • We research your business model, your competition, your target audience and the achievement of your short, medium and long term objectives.
  • We create a sketch of the website architecture. We organise the elements that make it up, such as content and images, taking into account usability and user experience.
  • We test before launch, to make sure everything is OK. Even once the site is operational, you’ll have a period of time in which corrections and optimisations can be made.

And of course, our web design is focused on both mobile and PC. In fact, we give preference to mobile, since for positioning issues, this is now the reference of the Google robot. Because you’ve got it right, your professional website or online shop will be as SEO optimised as it can be. We consider this to be essential.

The best part? Don’t forget that we do all this under a web design budget that fits your needs. Contact us without obligation and ask for all the information you need about prices for implementation, development and/or design of your website.

What does a professional web design bring to your business?

As a web design agency in Alcalá de Henares, but with extensive experience in websites all over the world, we know that a good design can turn your visitors into customers. To begin with, the web design will take into account a clear and simple structure of everything you offer. Whether you’re a freelancer, SME, company or individual, you have to send a clear message to your users about what they can find on your website.

With a differentiating web design, with a clear brand image presence, you’ll remain in the mind of your visitors, causing them to return to your services or buy your products at a later date.

A website that pays attention to detail, that offers a harmonious overall vision where images, text and design are coordinated, will give a sense of security that will make the visitor more likely to buy. A website that is not well designed, not well constructed, that is chaotic, will makes them think that your products won’t be good and that you’re not going to provide a good service.

In short, at IDX we can take care of the professional web design of your site with the best guarantees.

What exactly does our web design quote include?

An important part of your website is the hosting where it’s hosted. If your website is new or you want to migrate it to another hosting, we can include our own servers in the package. From shared hosting to dedicated servers, depending on the needs of your website or e-commerce.

On a visual level, we take care of the design of your banners respecting your brand image. And if you need it we can also optimise the images that you’re going to use on the page, so that they weigh as little as possible, while preserving all their quality.

If you need it, we can write your content to fit not only to what you want to transmit, but also including the terms of a keyword research that will help you to position yourself.

We take care of leaving the website ready for you to see the Google Analytics data, as we leave the tool configured.

And finally, we give you an online training, so that you know how to manage your shop and make the necessary updates when you need to change any of its elements.

All this without forgetting that we do developments and implementations tailored to your needs.

Why choose IDX Engine as your Web Design Company?

We’re a web design agency based in Madrid, although we offer services nationally and internationally, and we meet all the requirements to make your website a success. You’ll have a fully professional website that will be effective, functional and above all, profitable. Because in the end, that’s always the goal of every business.

We adapt to your needs, as we always do with all our services. Whether you have a small or large site, we offer you solutions with a web design budget with a perfect quality / price ratio.

You’ll have a team of great professionals, with extensive experience in website design, development and implementation of custom solutions, that will take care of every detail from start to end. Our process and workflow have been optimised and made efficient after years of experience. You’ll get the best results in optimal time.

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Request information

If you are looking for an agency to create your corporate project or information portal, IDX has been creating WordPress websites for many years and we can help you. Tell us the type of project you want to create and our specialised business consultants will contact you to advise you and prepare a quote.

If you give us as much detail as possible about the project, the better the proposal you will receive, the better we will adapt perfectly to your requirements.

How Much Does Integration Cost


The price of the project will largely depend on the size of the website, the number of different landing pages to be created and whether you need us to help you create the content.

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