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Do you want to generate engagement from Social Networks?

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Boost your business and attract new customers with a good social media management.

We develop and implement a Social Media Marketing plan for your brand. Be seen in the networks, communicate with your target audience and drive traffic to your website.

The management of Social Networks, through the implementation of a social media plan is one of the factors that Google takes into account to value your website.

Social media management is one of the pillars of Digital Marketing. They allow you to talk and listen, it is an excellent way to be in constant communication with your target audience, building the loyalty of those customers who already know you and attracting new ones.

As I’m sure you already know, creating a solid community of users is very important for the management of social networks in a company. Nowadays, every brand must be active on social networks.

Not only for the interactions, brand reputation and engagement you generate, but also for the added information you provide to users who come to your website and want to know more about you and your business.

How do you treat your customers, what do you tell them, how often, and more importantly, what do others tell them about you? With a Social Media service and being present in the networks you will be able to know and even manage and respond to criticism improving your online reputation.

Why choose Innovadeluxe as your Social Media agency?

We implement a community manager service by managing social networks according to your Social Media strategies. Analyzing the characteristics of your target audience you want to impact. Generating relevant content for your audience, we will talk about what matters to your target audience thanks to specific content for them.

Our team of Social Media specialists will reach and retain your potential customers. We will show them that your business has what they need and over time this will impact your engagement and brand reputation.

We will achieve this through the creation of audiovisual content customized for your brand, writing the copy of your ads, using the right hashtags, creating a customized social media strategy.

Contrary to what most of the world thinks, social media management cannot be done by just anyone, it requires certain knowledge, thinking, planning and monitoring… In other words, having a well-defined strategy, which is what our social media experts put at your disposal.

We have the necessary knowledge and experience, we know what we do and how to do it in the most effective way.

What is a Social Media strategy?

A good Social Media strategy will lead us to the achievement of our objectives in social networks. We must take into consideration the following aspects.

  • Determine your objective: increase sales, make offers and promotions, build customer loyalty, generate leads, attract traffic to your website.
  • The strategy will determine the steps to follow, what content to publish, how many times a week, how to manage communication with users.
  • Action plan to put it into action, what tools will I use to publish, to answer doubts? Ect.

Taking into account that each social network (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, etc.) are different in terms of type of content, tone, profile, mode of use, scope, user profile… so you should analyze well which social network is more convenient and will give you better results in the most effective way.

It is not a matter of publishing for the sake of publishing, but of analyzing where your target audience is and addressing it in the best way.

How much time do I need to contract the service?

We must take into account several aspects, first, there is more and more content on social networks so it is very difficult to get to have a good reach, that your audience knows you, trust you, etc takes time. Depending on the presence in your competitors’ networks, the sector you are in, it may take more or less time.

In any case, the management of your Social Media must be continuous and persistent over time.

Don’t panic, we adapt to the budget but always covering your needs. In addition, the management we do is applicable to small and large companies.

What does social media management bring to your company?

A good quality community manager service that allows you to perform a good management of social networks, will enable you to be where you need to be, to offer your products and services in real time, using the networks as a complement to your customer service and control your online reputation.

Social media management will also allow you to attract new customers, but you must keep in mind that in order to achieve this process it is necessary that the social media strategy is perfectly in line with your overall strategy.

In many occasions social media can be the entrance to the customer journey of your potential customer so we must not forget the rest of the steps.

Therefore it is of vital importance to combine your social media strategy with SEO and SEM strategies. With the necessary time and an effective management of the networks, we will manage to create a community of users and benefit from word of mouth, recommendations on social networks are the most influential on customers.

Innovadeluxe is a Social Media agency that has the resources, knowledge and experience necessary to exploit all the possibilities of social networks for your company.

What are our services as a Social Media Agency?

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If you are looking for information to help your project start getting traffic from social media, we can help you. Our Social Media Marketing team is specialised in creating community on social media to send traffic to your web project.

Fill in this form and a business consultant specialised in social media will contact you to explain what we can offer you and how we work.

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Working social networks correctly is essential for the investment you make in social media to achieve the right results for the objectives you have set.

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