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Do you want to make your online store take off in the rankings?

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If what you need is an SEO Agency to help you in the positioning of your online store, Innovadeluxe is what you were looking for. Our team of professional and experienced SEO Consultants will help your online store climb the search engine rankings.

From the first moment you will have an SEO expert who will help and advise you to improve the SEO positioning of your online store. The number of visits will increase and, consequently, the number of potential customers.

Why do you need a PrestaShop SEO Agency?

If you are here, we understand that you have an online business, but you are not getting the expected results. Or you are thinking of opening an online store, but you want to do it right from the beginning with a PrestaShop SEO Agency applying Online Marketing strategies, so that Google positions your website in the top positions with PrestaShop SEO strategies.

Congratulations, that’s already a big step. And in fact, not everyone takes it. Many small businessmen or entrepreneurs, launch their businesses but do not realize how important it is, for their long-term success, to apply Digital Marketing strategies and make a good web positioning.

If you really want to work on SEO (Search Engine Optimization), the initial investment you are going to make optimizing your online store for Google will pay off in the long run. Don’t forget that SEO strategies are for the long term, and that it’s not just about getting your store to perform well, but also about the long-term:

  • Get competitive advantages over other businesses in your sector.
  • Receive qualified traffic, from users who are really interested in what you offer in your store.
  • Make Google’s robot’s job easier when it comes to positioning your online store in its index (in the initial audit we will tell you if you are doing it right or not).
  • Make a correct use of Google Webmasters tools, which will give you valuable information about how your project is working.

The SEO consultant assigned to your project, who will be your “secret weapon” against the competition, will help you in all this. He will accompany you throughout the process and will help you take advantage of all the opportunities to position your store.

In short, anyone who does not want to be left behind, who wants to stand out in their sector, and above all, make their business profitable, should work on the SEO positioning of their online store, and specifically for PrestaShop, if that is the platform you use.

How does our SEO service work?

Then we will perform the SEO audit of your online store, from which we will deliver a report with the points to correct and how to correct them: 404 errors, headers hierarchy, loading speed, if you have any penalty that may be hurting you, if your content complies with SEO guidelines or not, etc…

First we are going to talk to you, so that you can tell us the most relevant information about your business. In this way, we will know which audience you are targeting, what your expectations and needs are, etc.

In the SEO report we include an audit of the keywords you should use to position your PrestaShop online store, as well as an analysis of the competition. Very important, because if you are not using the right keywords in your texts and URLs, nobody will find your store.

If you need it, we can also write or optimize for SEO the content of the categories and products of your online store, establish a link building strategy (SEO Off Page) or help you with Technical SEO (implementing data markup, for example).

If you then decide on our PrestaShop SEO Consulting, we will accompany you month by month for as long as you need, with reports and personalized attention to ensure that the results of the optimization of your online store are adequate.

Don’t think about it, contact us and we will help you to rank in Google!

Specialized SEO consulting for your PrestaShop online store

At Innovadeluxe we are experts in PrestaShop. More than 10 years developing online stores in PrestaShop endorse us. That’s why we want to take your online store to the top with a specialized PrestaShop SEO consultancy.

Our proprietary methodology will help you rank in Google and get more potential customers. We will develop a customized SEO strategy for your project and we will advise you on how to carry it out.

We want you to reach more people, we want your audience to grow. Do not hide your online store in an alley of the Internet, in Innovadeluxe we want to take you to the Grand Avenue with our SEO possitioning for PrestaShop online stores.

What can you get by hiring your SEO service for PrestaShop?

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We are ranked 17th of the best SEO agencies in Spain and 1st of the best SEO agencies for PrestaShop. Ranking created by the specialised portal Marketing4ecommerce. Shall we work together?

Complete the form and contact us to receive information about our search engine optimisation services. We help you to multiply your turnover.

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Work on the SEO of your project with us in the medium or long term and get our best prices for the services your project needs.

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