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We explain everything you need to know before hiring, so that there are no misunderstandings with what you are hiring. We want you to hire our services, but only when you are absolutely sure that what you are hiring is what you need and what you are looking for.

If you have doubts, do not hire us, first talk to us so that we can solve all your doubts, it is much better for you and for us.


Our interest is not just to get clients, but to have happy and satisfied clients, so that you will keep working with us for many years.

Frequently asked questions about store packs

  • *Prices expressed excluding VAT. VAT will be added at the time of ordering in our sales system.
  • The real price of the pack is indicated if all the products and services were contracted separately, this price is real and can be checked since all the products and services of the pack are available individually.
  • The price indicated for the renewal, is the price to renew the Hosting included in the store pack, which also includes SL certificate in some cases. If you do not want to renew the hosting, the customer can take your store to any other provider without Innovadeluxe put any obstacles in this regard.
  • Prestashop is an Opensource (Free) application for the creation of online stores. Prestashop is not owned by Innovadeluxe Diseño y Desarrollo Web, S.L., it is owned by the French company Prestashop S.A.. Innovadeluxe does not charge anything for providing Prestashop to its customers, Innovadeluxe charges for the implementation of the store and the other products and services associated with it. Prestashop is provided with the guarantees offered by the company Prestashop S.A.. Innovadeluxe is not responsible for possible programming bugs in the Prestashop application. Innovadeluxe is only responsible for possible failures in the products and services offered in conjunction with Prestashop and for them offers all the guarantees of operation.
  • Of course. All the stores created by Innovadeluxe, are property of the customer who hires them. Once you have made the total payment of the store, you will receive all access to the hosting panel, administration panel of the store, FTP accounts, etc … so you can manage your store with total freedom.
  • NO, it does not have any limitation. All stores are delivered with 100% of the options included in Prestashop by default. No option is hidden from the customer to charge it later if requested. We deliver 100% of the options, without any limitation.
  • The working hours bonus included in the store pack, is to make all the necessary configurations in the template, as well as the structure or design modifications that the client requests. If, once the store is delivered, there is time left over from the hours bonus, it will become standard support and can be used by the client for any future incident. It will be valid for 1 year until its expiration.
  • Catalog import. The import from a CSV file can come from an ERP, you can create it manually or from a supplier of Dopshipping products. The first two ways would be a single catalog import, the third one requires an integration to automate the daily updates made by the supplier. The Dropshipping integration service has an additional cost of annual renewal to maintain the integration correctly with the changes that the supplier can make in the catalog file. changes quite normal in most suppliers. In case of not renewing this subscription, the integration would stop working and the catalog would not be updated automatically.
  • If you register a domain when you contract an online store, it is always your property. At all times you will be the owner, administrative contact and other contacts. Innovadeluxe will merely be the registrar and temporary administrator of the domain, during the period that you remain with your store hosted on our servers.
  • No problem, you can upgrade your hosting plan to a higher plan and you will only pay the difference until the renewal date discounting what has already been consumed according to the price of our hosting plans. You can see the prices in the hosting section.
  • In the cost of the annual renewal what is included is the web hosting of the store and a new support pack for the store and for maintenance of import updates if you have chosen the pack that includes them. You don’t pay for anything else, since you pay for it when you initially contract the store. Everything else is already yours and you don’t have to pay for anything else again.
  • Of course, we won’t put any obstacles in your way. You will be able to migrate your store to another provider or transfer your domain to another registrar, whenever you consider it necessary. Innovadeluxe will never hinder you in these actions. The store is yours and you can do whatever you think is appropriate with it.
  • Blog: Two alternatives are offered to have a blog in the store. On the one hand an internal blog, a module integrated within the PrestaShop store and therefore with the design of the template or a WordPress blog that is external to the store, located at, the WordPress blog will not have the same design of the store, it will have the design of the standard WordPress templates. WordPress is recommended if you want to have a versatile and powerful blog with an unbeatable SEO positioning, but if you must have a design integrated into the store, the internal blog of the template itself is recommended. If the WordPress option is selected, the news blocks shown in the template demos will not be available.
  • When hiring a store pack both owned or rented, a training that varies in number of hours depending on the selected pack is given. In these hours will be given training on the Prestashop backoffice, template administration, use of the marketplace or mobile APP. In the indicated number of hours you will see the most important options, it will not give time to everything for sure, it depends a lot on your capacity and if you already have some previous knowledge about prestashop.
  • As all merchants are not equal, you can hire additional training if you see it necessary, you can consult us and we will be happy to tell you the price.

Frequently Asked Questions about Store Upgrades

  • When a PrestaShop store is upgraded, the template of the old version is not compatible with the new version. For this reason when we do the upgrade we leave installed the template that comes by default with the new version of PrestaShop. If the customer needs a new template, we can offer one from the catalog we work with for a very low cost. If he requires to have a template that is exactly the same as the old one, this would be a custom work that should be budgeted.
  • As with templates, unofficial modules are not compatible with the new versions. All official PrestaShop modules will be replaced by the new versions. If the customer sends us updated versions of the unofficial modules he has in the old store, they will also be updated. But the rest of the official modules can not be fixed to work, since it is necessary to develop them from scratch, so that will be a work that will have to be budgeted to measure.
  • When we do an update job, we duplicate the store and leave the old store in a directory called /OLD/, so that any information can be consulted in case something has not been updated correctly. There are times when upgrades are super complex and some things are not 100% right, it happens very rarely but it can happen. With the old store available, you will be able to check if something is not correct. This store can be removed after a while.
  • There are businesses that cannot afford to have their store closed to the public for more than half a day. In these cases we offer the possibility of doing the work in a test environment in which all the work is done and once it is verified that everything is perfectly updated, a second update of the database would be done to have the data updated and it would be dumped in the root directory of the domain. In this way the downtime will be only a few hours. There are simple updates that take a few hours and others that take several days, such as those that are made from very old versions or those that require a template to be redesigned to leave it as the previous one. In these cases this service is recommended.
  • We have a large catalog of templates to put at your disposal so you can buy a quality template for your updated store. When hiring the update ask us for the prices of the templates and the catalog so you can choose the right one.
  • Updating the modules of the store does not imply that we have to make configurations in them. This will have to be done by the customer or hire a voucher of hours of support for us to do it. It is NOT included in the upgrade price. You will have to explain us which modules need to be configured so we can give you an estimate of the time it will take us.
  • As with the modules, updating a store does not imply that we have to make the settings of the template that we leave installed. By default we leave the official PrestaShop template but we can install any template that the customer provides or buys from us. All template configurations will have to do the customer himself or hire a bonus hours of support for us to leave the template to your liking.
  • This depends on many factors. There is no standard time to update a store, each store is totally unique because it can have different modules installed that have modified the database or directly has been modified by a person or the customer, if the manipulation of the database has not been done correctly, this can lead to problems when updating. For this reason there are updates that take 4 hours and others 4 days, since those that fail, it is necessary to look for the errors and to repair them to have an optimal result at the end.
  • The hours in which we make updates are always our normal office hours. We do not make updates outside of normal office hours and even less on weekends, so please do not ask us to do so because we will not do it.

Frequently asked questions about PrestaShop Store Support

  • Any task that requires the installation of a module, these modules must be provided by the customer or purchased from Innovadeluxe for a very advantageous price, contact us!
  • The development of a custom template is a job that must be budgeted on a custom basis, it cannot be done on the basis of hours of support without a previous estimate, this type of work must be budgeted independently.
  • The development of a custom module is a job that must be budgeted to measure, can not be done on the basis of hours of support without a prior estimate, the custom modules is estimated in hours of development that have a higher cost.
  • This work is not done with support hours. We have a specific service for this type of work. It also requires additional tools that are not available for support tasks. A quotation must be requested for this type of work. After reviewing the catalog file you send us, we will indicate the price.
  • Jobs that already have a fixed fee are not included in the hourly support unless indicated in the support table. For example store upgrades, imports, blog installations, etc. ….
  • In your client panel in our system, you will have a section called Projects where you can review your support hour packs. Each project corresponds to a pack of hours. In each project you will see the time you have available and all the tasks performed and the time we have invested in each one. We want our work to be totally transparent to the client.
  • All the works requested as standard support, start 48 to 72 hours after the payment of the pack of contracted hours or in case of being a pack contracted some time ago, from the support request. Sometimes we will be able to do the requested task before this deadline, but this will not always be the case. The deadlines offered depend on the workload we have at any given time. If you are hiring a new support pack, please ask for an estimate of the time frame to do the work. We ask for your patience, we know that all customers need urgent support but it is impossible for us to attend everyone urgently. If your job is really urgent, you can hire URGENT support, in case you hire STANDARD support it is because your task is not urgent and will be treated as such, although we will try to get it done as soon as possible.
  • All standard support work is done during our normal office hours from 9:30 am to 6:30 pm. During these hours you will receive answers to all your queries. Occasionally we may be able to assist you during longer hours, but this depends on the availability of an on-call technician, which is not always the case as we have other tasks for these later hours.
  • Urgent support hourly packs are not for doing just any kind of work. For tasks that are not due to problems in the store that prevent the sale, we recommend the standard support, which is more economical. We do not do any non-critical work. We understand your rush to get your store up and running, but if it is not a critical task, you will have to wait and hire standard support. We don’t like to work outside our normal office hours and only do it when a merchant really needs our help. We will never leave a customer hanging with a problem that prevents them from selling in the store, but for secondary tasks, please don’t bother us because we won’t do it urgently.
  • All the works requested as urgent support, are started as soon as possible, sometimes they start immediately as soon as we receive the payment notification but sometimes we take a little more time depending on the urgent workload we have at any given time. The timeframe offered for urgent support is between 4 and 12 hours for the start of the work. If you are going to hire urgent support, ask for an estimate of the time to perform the work.
  • All urgent support work is done during extended office hours from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm. We do not do any work outside these hours or on weekends unless there is an on-call technician available, which is not often the case as these on-call technicians have other tasks to perform.

Frequently asked questions about custom development for PrestaShop

  • All module and template developments for PrestaShop are licensed for use on a single PrestaShop installation, whether it is a single store or a multi-store. Use on more than one installation is prohibited, thus losing all rights to support and updates.
  • All integration developments between PrestaShop and other third party tools, are licensed for use on a single computer, having to request additional licenses for other computers or for other stores. In case of inappropriate use, this will oblige Innovadeluxe to take the necessary legal action.
  • All developments of new features for InnovaCommerce that are created under budget, may be incorporated into the standard application, thus, the customer may have updates and may use the development in any installation of InnovaCommerce that has contracted, without limitation.
  • If you need additional licenses of a development, contact us, the cost will be much lower than the cost of the development, as a general rule you will have the cost of marketing the development but with a 50% discount and you will also have support and updates under the same conditions as the custom development.
  • When hiring a custom development, you will have updates for a period of 1 year, but only if Innovadeluxe Web Design and Development, markets the development, because if the development is not marketed, it will not continue with its evolution and therefore there will be no updates.
  • All custom developments have a free 6 months support, period during which you can report any problem with the development and one of our programmers will review it and give you a solution. The support does not include having to make adaptations to your store or website, for that you will have to request a separate quote.
  • The mass distribution or sale to third parties of the modules developed by Innovadeluxe Diseño y Desarrollo Web S.L., without our express consent, is strictly prohibited. We will exercise our rights by
  • If you are a web agency and you want to order a custom development for one of your clients, you can do it and pass on to this the cost you deem appropriate, but in any case, you can resell the development to more than one client or several times to the same client, in case you need to install one of our developments in several of your clients or in several stores of the same client, check the prices for several licenses.
  • As a general rule, Innovadeluxe Diseño y Desarrollo Web, S.L., each development it creates, looks for the best way to market it, by doing this it can guarantee to each client, that the requested development will remain alive in time and when the client needs an update for a new version of PrestaShop, this will be available since the development will be for sale. In some cases, Innovadeluxe decides not to market a development because it is something very specific for a customer and does not see the marketing interesting, in this case, no updates will be offered, having the customer to ask for a quote for new versions.
  • As for the prices of the developments, these are calculated based on whether or not they will be marketed. Being therefore the budgets of developments that will be marketed, much cheaper because Innovadeluxe Diseño y Desarrollo Web, S.L., expects to make an extra profit from that marketing which compensates for having given budgets below the cost price of development. The developments not marketed later, will have a budget cost in exact hours of the time it takes to do it and therefore will be much higher.
  • All custom developments created are the exclusive property of Innovadeluxe Diseño y Desarrollo Web, S.L., the client who requests the development is provided the rights for use in your store or website. Innovadeluxe Diseño y Desarrollo Web, S.L. reserves the right to commercialize any of its developments.
  • However, the client may request to Innovadeluxe Diseño y Desarrollo Web S.L., the absolute intellectual property of the development ordered, in this case Innovadeluxe Diseño y Desarrollo Web, S.L., will ask the client for a compensation cost, which will not be less than three times the development budget.

Frequently Asked Questions about VPS and Shared Hosting

  • The web capacity is indicated in the table and differs according to the selected plan. What you have to take into account is that in the offered space you have to have, the files of your web, the databases, the server statistics, the mail that you accumulate on the server, backups, etc… for this reason, you should choose a web hosting with enough capacity. Also keep in mind that you will have to make backups, you have to have enough space available so that the backups can be created, even if you move them to another server or download them to your local computer.
  • For VPS you can host a limit of 9 domains. This limitation is imposed by the Plesk panel license you have on the server. If you need to host more domains you can hire a higher license and increase up to 29 domains. Take into account the web capacity of the VPS and the resources of the machine such as RAM and processor cores, the more websites, the less resources your store will have and the slower it will go. We recommend to have in each VPS only one store. Domains are not included in the price of the VPS, you can hire them separately.
  • For a shared hosting, it depends on the chosen plan. We also have to limit the number of domains by the licenses used on the server. In this case, you won’t be able to hire an additional license to have more domains, you’ll have to increase your hosting plan if you need to host more domains.
  • You can create as many databases as you need and they can grow unlimited in size. You will only have to take into account that the disk space available in the VPS or hosting contracted, as it is what marks the maximum size of the databases. If you run out of disk space, the databases could fail, so we suggest that you always have a VPS or hosting with enough free space to avoid problems.
  • You can have as many as you need. The size of the email accounts is unlimited. Just keep in mind that if you use IMAP accounts, the received and sent mail is hosted on the server and therefore takes up disk space. For this reason you will have to keep an eye on the size of your email accounts. This is usually the most common reason why a server runs out of space and things start to fail on it. Keep this in mind and always have enough free space.
  • Of course, we configure the servers with the best combinations of caches and reverse proxy servers. We have caches like APC, xcache, OPcache, Memcached, etc… In the VPS, depending on the store we use one or the other to get the best results. No two stores are the same and therefore no two cache configurations are the same. In shared hosting we have a standard configuration that usually works well in the vast majority of stores, but we can not make as many adjustments as in the VPS because they are generic for the entire server on which the different shared accounts are hosted.
  • Well it depends, we can not know if it is enough or not until your store is hosted on our server. As a general rule 2GB of RAM is enough for a store to go pretty well, but it all depends a lot on how your store is and what modules you have installed. A store with 10 categories and 1,000 products is not the same as a store with 200 categories and 40,000 products. Just as it is not the same to have installed a simple module of categories, than several at the same time (one as a horizontal menu and another when entering the listings). There are many variables to take into account. You can always increase the hosting plan to find one that suits your store, or even better, we can help you optimize your store to consume less RAM.
  • If you are interested in shared hosting, in that case the RAM memory offered is that of the entire server, which you will share with the rest of the users hosted on the same machine. This has its pros and cons. If the other users consume little, you will be able to consume more RAM if your store needs it, but if all the users consume more, it could collapse the server. Although we have our security rules so that this does not happen, making that the one that consumes more is the one that in the end collapses and not the rest.
  • As with RAM, it is not possible to know if it is enough or not. Once the store is on the server, you have to adjust the cache settings and see if the store consumes too much or too little. Then we can make optimization recommendations and you can hire a specific service for it. As a general rule, the cores offered are enough for a more or less standard medium sized store to run well.
  • If you contract a shared hosting, the processor of the server in which we will host you will be shared with the rest of the stores, a balanced distribution will be made according to the needs of each user, although it could be insufficient if all the stores need many threads of process at the same time.
  • Our servers are all hosted in FRANCE, in different data centers of the best European network, the OVH network, the best provider of machines in data center, in which are many of the large Spanish and European companies.
  • With all VPS we offer a dedicated Spanish IP, so you can have a SSL security certificate installed to protect all information transactions in your store.
  • Shared hosting does not include a dedicated IP as standard, but uses the shared IP of the server. You can optionally hire a dedicated IP if you want for example to install an SSL certificate.
  • Of course it’s free. It will be free of charge for you. The security certificates must be renewed annually, as long as you have contracted the VPS with us, the SSL certificate will be free for you. The certificate has a real cost of sale in our rates of 90€+VAT. But we only make this offer if you contract the annual hosting plan. We can not assume this cost if there is no commitment on your part.
  • Explaining what an SSL certificate is is complicated. In simple words, by means of this type of certificates the store will be able to send information from your form in encrypted form with the https protocol. If banks are obliged to use this protocol, why shouldn’t you use it to protect your customers?
  • If you contract a shared hosting you can request as additional the hiring of the SSL certificate.
  • When hiring a VPS is including the migration of your online store, this we do at no cost, it is FREE when hiring the VPS. What we do not migrate are the email accounts or any other time you have on the current server, all that would have to be budgeted separately. The migration of the store has a cost of 90 € and we offer it FREE when hiring any VPS. Of course we only do the migration for free if you hire the VPS in the annual plan, any other type of hiring would carry an additional cost, contact us.
  • If you hire a shared hosting, you can request a quote for us to migrate all the content of your current web hosting.
  • Every day we make a backup copy. You will have a retention of 7 days. This means that Monday’s backup overwrites the previous Monday’s backup, Tuesday’s backup overwrites the previous Tuesday’s backup, and so on every day of the week.
  • The backups are hosted on a server external to yours for security. Every night a backup is made on your hosting and then moved to the backup server that we manage.
  • You must have enough space for the backup to be done on your server, then once it is done it will be transferred to the external backup server, but if you do not have enough disk space, the backup will fail and cannot be done. When that happens, we will notify you to free up disk space or upgrade your hosting plan to the higher one with more space.
  • All support is offered by e-mail or by tickets from the customer panel. However, if you have a serious problem, the best thing to do is to call us by phone so we can help you immediately. But these calls must be real emergencies, otherwise you will not be attended on the phone.

Frequently asked questions about Cookies consulting

  • A lot of PrestaShop modules generate cookies for various reasons. We do a review of the entire store to determine the list of cookies generated and to be able to give a concrete explanation to the user.
  • We write the necessary text to describe the cookies used, the type of cookies and the use given to the information collected. In addition to the necessary explanations so that the user can block the use of cookies on your computer.
  • We can optionally review the rest of the store to see if you comply with other legal regulations (LOPD and trade regulations).
  • You need several modules to comply with the current legal regulations related to the protection of personal data. You need to comply with the Cookies Law, which is part of the RGPD (LOPD) and therefore you must comply with the RGPD.
  • Modules to comply with the Cookies Law: You have this module available for purchase from your customer panel. It is the most advanced module currently available on the market and complies with all aspects of the RGPD regarding Cookies.
  • Module to comply with the RGPD: From your customer panel you can buy this powerful module that makes a complete audit of all data provided by your customers, in addition to adding all the necessary functionality so you can place the necessary legal texts in your store and you can control all requests for data changes or portabilities and the right to oblivion for the deletion of data.

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