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Discover the potential of Email Marketing for your PrestaShop online store. Take advantage of your customer database, communicate with them, build customer loyalty and sell more and better.

What can we do for you with our Email Marketing service?

What is an Email Marketing strategy?

Precisely define the objectives, adapting them to your needs: sell more, engagement… 

Find a way to attract new subscribers, but also get the loyalty of those we already have.

We will carry out the strategy of designing a step-by-step plan, defining the contents, the template, creating a calendar…

Finally, we will define the metrics, which will be based on the objectives.

According to the strategy we have chosen, we will create the newsletters with the necessary content and always showing the brand image that exists in other channels. 

During the planning, we will also decide when the mailings will be sent, creating an Email Marketing calendar to help us. We will use previous data such as the days and hours of greatest opening. 

If we do not have the previous data, we will improve them as we advance in the Email Marketing of the company, helping us with our experience or consulting different external studies.

What does the mailing service bring to my company?

By using the mailing service you will improve many different aspects. First of all, you will be offered all the functionalities to meet your objectives as well as the different strategies that will help you increase your sales.

This service will also be a way to keep in touch with your customers or subscribers and remind them of your brand. 

We provide the creativity in the design of the content, but we will also take care of the programming and that everything is sent correctly. 

With the help of our platform we carry out and supervise the mass mailings and analyze the results, so that they are the desired ones. Subsequently, segmentation is performed and processes are automated. 

In addition, you will achieve lower costs for your company and for you.

In Innovadeluxe we are an Email Marketing agency that will exploit all the possibilities offered by the email channel for your company.

How long do I need to contract the service?

As everything after a great success, it is necessary to carry out a continuous and constant work. We do not promise that the results will be instantaneous or in the short term, and if someone tells you that, be suspicious. To achieve an effective campaign we will have to filter and segment your database. 

But don’t worry, we adapt to your budget without forgetting your needs. 

Consult us your case without obligation.

Do you want a direct communication with your customers and subscribers?

Why choose Innovadeluxe as your Email Marketing Agency?

Because we offer the best strategies to get the most out of a tool that in some cases is misused or ignored. How? We will improve your conversion rate thanks to email. Everything is thought out, we work with our platform, we export your database and we configure it from scratch. 

For the creation of campaigns, we program automations and use responsive templates in our designs. 

In Innovadeluxe we have an expert team that is able to carry out complete campaigns. 

No matter what type of business you have or what you do, in all cases we will specifically define your strategy thinking about the design and the customer segment you are targeting. 

In addition, every month you will have a report with all the analysis of the results and their possible optimization. 

The reason for doing this is to refine your contact database and have it well segmented. 

This will make it easier to send newsletters or emails and contain a more personalized content, which will increase sales, more engagement and above all customer loyalty. 

We will do all this without losing sight of the overall marketing strategy to which we adapt. 

Request information

If you are looking for information on how to create an email marketing strategy for your online shop, you have come to the right place. Our Digital marketing team can help you create the strategy and get it up and running, doing all the configuration and design of your campaigns, as well as the monthly management of them.

Fill in this form, so that a specialised business consultant can explain what our service consists of and provide you with a detailed proposal for your project.

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The essential Digital Marketing service for any business, it is also the easiest to implement and the most economical, so you can’t let time go by without putting Email Marketing at your service.

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