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At Innovadeluxe we are experts in Digital Marketing for Ecommerces. We have a 360º Digital Marketing Department composed of different experts in all areas that includes this discipline, who will work hand in hand with you to boost your business. We know that you need to reach your audience, so we work in a personalized way with each of our projects to make it easy for your potential customers to reach your Online Store and sell more. 

What is the use of investing in Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing has been a before and after in all markets. Thanks to the different areas that we can find, which are constantly evolving and growing, businesses that have been betting on Digital Marketing, have not only increased their sales, but have also managed to adapt to the new times, in which digital transformation and Internet sales are already essential. 

Investing in Digital Marketing is, therefore, a vital part for the success of most businesses, especially those oriented to Internet sales. This is because to sell online is not only necessary to have a website with your products and wait for customers to come alone, you have to make a multitude of Digital Marketing actions.

As with a physical store, where you have to take care of the place of the products, the appearance of the premises or the place where it is located, something very similar happens with your Online Store.

Our SEO (Search Engine Optimization) experts are in charge of optimizing your Online Store so that when users search for your products in search engines like Google, they arrive to your website and not to your competitors’. 

In coordination with the Web Developers, Innovadeluxe SEO experts also work so that your Online Store has an optimized product catalog, where not only Google or other search engines can see what you sell, but they can also buy with total comfort and confidence.

Another important aspect, to which our Digital Marketing team is dedicated, is to Manage Online Advertising Campaigns. These campaigns will help your products reach your customers even more easily. As you can imagine, these SEM actions, coordinated with SEO actions, are a perfect tandem to boost your online business.

At Innovadeluxe we know that digital businesses have to have more than ever a market-oriented approach and a Relationship Marketing perspective, that is, they have to seek, above all, customer satisfaction and customer loyalty.

For this reason, we also have a team of experts in Email Marketing and Social Media (Social Media Management), who are responsible for ensuring that our clients’ brands reach the hearts of their consumers. 

With the actions of our experts in Social Media Marketing and through promotional Emails, you will achieve that your products reach through these channels in a more personal and segmented way. 

You will achieve customer loyalty, making them true ambassadors of your brand. In addition, you will be able to learn from them to improve your business more efficiently.

How much budget do I need to see results?

The investment that your business needs in Digital Marketing varies according to the type of business and its objectives, so the budget is variable. While a minimum investment is necessary, it can be fully adapted to your particular needs.

At Innovadeluxe we want you to be totally satisfied, so from the first moment you contact us, we will listen carefully to your goals and needs, we will evaluate your Online Store and we will inform you in detail about the services that best suit your business.

Thanks to the investment you make in Online Marketing services for your Online Store, you will obtain a substantial improvement in the visibility of your business, which will be much higher. Logically, you will also reach a greater number of customers, increasing your sales. 

Your brand image will improve, being positioned in the minds of consumers. And of course, you will be more resistant to all the changes that may occur in the market, because you will know your customers better, you will be able to satisfy their needs in a more optimal way and you will be able to sell 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all year round.

How long will it take to see results?

The time to see results depends on many factors. Mainly on the type of action to be carried out and the Digital Marketing area in charge of it.

Another relevant factor is the investment. Those projects with higher investments will be able to see results sooner, since they will have different experts working together on the project.

However, we can assure you that our team works every day taking care of and improving our clients’ businesses. So we assure you that our main goal is that as soon as possible you can enjoy a higher sales volume, in addition to the other benefits that this digital investment provides.

Our experts will be in contact with you. You will be able to consult all the metrics of your Online Store in real time, resolving any doubts that may arise.

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If you are looking for information to start working on Online Marketing for your business, IDX can help you, we are an Agency specialised in Digital Marketing for E-commerce and WordPress.

Contact us and explain what you need and one of our business consultants will advise you with the best Digital Marketing strategy for your business.

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If you hire a combined strategy in several different channels such as SEO, SEM, Social Media or Email Marketing, we can offer you special prices for medium or long term contracts.

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